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Now that they have come for Alex Jones, they aren’t going to stop. It might not be tomorrow, but eventually, they are going to come for you.

The Harry S. Truman Carrier Group is already sending a message to Russian subs in the Atlantic. If the Democrats want to see Trump standing up to Russia, they can look to the waves.

The American Revolution, unlike the French, was based not on a murderous search for leftist revolutionary purity, but on accepting our faults and flaws while trying to still live as our best selves.  Those who search for a better future by destroying the past will move on to destroying the present.

The coordinated attack on Alex Jones sets a dangerous precedent that could be used to wipe out all independent media by Big Tech.

The creation of so-called safe spaces—where offensive ideas and speech are prohibited—is just censorship by another name, and censorship breeds resentment, and resentment breeds conflict, and unresolved, festering conflict gives rise to violence.

While banning plastic straws won’t solve the problems created by the government, legalizing hemp could cause a massive shift in the environmental landscape.

As her Firing Line interview made very clear, she doesn’t know anything, can’t explain her views and is just an overgrown teen who got elected to the House.

It is absurd that people who are citizens of foreign nations would be allowed to hold public office in the United States—or, at the very least, would not be required by law to disclose those foreign citizenships and recuse themselves from any vote or decision involving the countries in which they hold citizenship.

Trump may be exactly who he says he is, however, he has made the statement that his administration is working on legislation that would prevent people who are a danger to themselves or others from having guns. His language, not mine. If a law such as this is passed it will only be elaborated on in the future.