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The left believes that, by destroying the idea of biological gender, they will essentially be creating a world of total equality where the stigma of behaving according to society’s definition of gender is gone.

Article first appeared at The Free Thought Project. A Panama-registered oil tanker named the Tamaya 1 mysteriously washed ashore in Liberia West Africa this week. The vessel, which hadn’t been heard from for three weeks, was completely abandoned. It was last seen on April 21st heading to Dakar. Authorities — …

Article first appeared at The Free Thought Project. It is no question that “cancer sticks” are bad for your health. Aside from the police potentially killing you over them (re: Eric Garner), the negative health effects of smoking are horrendous. They certainly don’t call them “lung darts” because they help …

New allegations continue to come out, and it has become exceedingly clear that Clinton is still chasing women that he is not married to even though his wife is in the middle of a presidential campaign. 

Populations so focused upon their basest aspects (i.e., sex, sensualism, personal aggrandizement, etc.) rather than positive, creative social development much easier to control than morally-grounded ones, and that is truly the name of this game.

The Communists have been very successful in creating the necessary chaos needed for communism. The question is, are we going to allow them to complete their goal?

Government is using the environment and the issue of gun control to turn patriots into terrorists in the minds of the unwashed masses. And for some, it is working.

Pundits have referenced aspects of this election cycle as a “political insurgency” for very good reasons. Socialism is the enemy, and votes – not rhetoric or ideology – remain our most effective weapons.

Why is it that the Brian Cornell, the CEO for Target, is not being held accountable for the said crimes that have taken place in Target stores across the country with his companies policies?

Judicial tyranny is breaking out all across America, as Obama’s Justice Department is being used to “fundamentally transform” this nation.  This transformation is being accomplished by the out-of-control oligarchy currently masquerading as a court system.