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One of the more feeble of the left’s recent attempts to demonize President Donald Trump has been by proxy: That of generally disparaging first lady Melania Trump’s choice of White House Christmas decorations.

Trust is the foundation of society. Where there is no truth, there can be no trust, and where there is no trust, there can be no society. Where there is society, there is trust, and where there is trust, there is something upon which it is supported.

Statistically speaking, Kyrie and American Millennials’ (ages 18-34) worst subject is history. Many know very little about our European ancestors, the Pilgrims, to whom the first Thanksgiving is attributed. Tragically, revisionist history has left out the specific reason these pioneers settled in America and instead have created a new inhumane narrative that has caused men like Kyrie to despise America.

This weekend’s attempted invasion occurred at the Ysidro Land Port of Entry between Tijuana and San Diego, but how many of you heard about a similar attempt under the usurpation of Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah in 2013 where CBP agents used pepper spray on about 100 migrants who were attempting to cross the very same border point!

The only way to fix elections in the US is to make any election fraud impossible.

What the architects of the police state want are submissive, compliant, cooperative, obedient, meek citizens who don’t talk back, don’t challenge government authority, don’t speak out against government misconduct, and don’t step out of line. What the First Amendment protects—and a healthy constitutional republic requires—are citizens who routinely exercise their right to speak truth to power.

Church and State have been intrinsically connected throughout history and separating them is destroying the essence of who we are. We cannot separate the influence of the church from the foundation of the state no matter how many times atheists and their corrupt lawyers sue.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently released proposed rules allowing individuals to opt out of Obamacare’s abortion and contraception mandates for moral or religious reasons. These new rules should be cheered by all who agree with Thomas Jefferson that forcing people to subsidize that which they find abhorrent is “sinful and tyrannical.”