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In a speech before Congress on Tuesday, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) excoriated his fellow politicians for not listening to the American people on illegal immigration. He also ripped into President Obama for “acting like an emperor” and forcing amnesty upon the American people without their consent or the work of

Donald Trump recently declared in a Fox News interview that if he became president, he would shut down mosques in order to protect the population from Islamic attacks. I did a video on this, with video of the interview of Trump in which he says this: What I like about

In 2000, 19 months before Sept. 11, 2001, Donald Trump wrote extensively of the terrorism threat the United States was facing.  Trump went so far as to say that an attack on a major U.S. city was not just a probability, but an inevitability. Trump wrote:   Buzzfeed: Four years before The

It looks like Paul Ryan is strongly considering the House Speaker position, but this would be a disaster for pro-gun Americans. As I warned you previously, Rep. Paul Ryan is pro-amnesty (giving the franchise to millions of anti-gun voters), and he has a record of compromising gun rights. For example,

How do you know when someone is about to throw his hat in to run for president in the United States? How about when he tries to rewrite history and insert himself as some kind of hero who personally advised the president to “go” for it, to assassinate Bin Laden

Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC) was a guest on this past Sunday’s episode of CBS’ Face the Nation where he was asked about comments made by other Republicans about the Benghazi hearings. Gowdy, who has been playing defense for the investigation ever since Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said some questionable things a few

Why America is putting up with a presidential run by criminal and traitor Hillary Rodham Clinton is beyond me. But she is. And now, we’re seeing her even more emboldened to go after the Second Amendment and American citizens’ guns. Take for instance a recent townhall meeting on October 16th,

The US Treasury’s recent announcement that the government will reach the debt ceiling on November 3 means Congress will soon be debating raising the government’s borrowing limit again. Any delay in, or opposition to, raising the debt ceiling will inevitably be met with hand-wringing over Congress’ alleged irresponsibility. But the real

In a recent interview with the Washington Examiner, Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus indicated the Republican Party would be “cooked” should the party not take the White House in the 2016 election. The entire interview is scheduled to appear in the October 26th issue of the magazine; however his

Something interesting happened at Tuesday’s White House press briefing. Press Secretary Josh Earnest was forced to imply that his boss was an idiot who shouldn’t have said something that he said. During the briefing Wall Street Journal reporter Bryan Tau wondered how President Obama could go on 60 Minutes and