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Seriously, it is amazing how little “conservatives” actually vet their own idols. After Wednesday’s debate, people are singing Carly Fiorina‘s praises, but they have very short memories. Fiorina, while a supporter of John McCain in 2008 (not really much better than Obama or Clinton), said the she had such “great

Republican contender Donald Trump is now being excoriated by establishment elites in the GOP and Democrat Party for “failing to correct” a questioner at a town hall event in Rochester, N.H. who stated that President Obama is Muslim, and referenced U.S.-based jihadi training camps. An article on even stated

Two Tennessee lawmakers are showing the rest of the United States the way to strike a lethal blow against the judicial tyranny of the Supreme Court. Here is how it’s done: by states with marriage amendments declaring the Court’s ruling on sodomy-based “marriage” null and void. The Constitution is utterly

I’m always happy to hear people say what abortion is and those that engage in it are. Carly Fiorina took a strong stand against Planned Parenthood on Wednesday evening, even going so far as to say that the issue of dealing with the hitmen for hire, as I like to

(Springfield, VA)—Sen. Ted Cruz defended the Second Amendment rights of all Americans during last night’s presidential debate, and also cited his endorsement by Gun Owners of America. “Indeed, just a couple of years ago when Harry Reid and Barack Obama came after the right to keep and bear arms of

White House Spokesliar Josh Earnest is at it again and probably at the behest of His Royal Majesty Obama. Before the GOP debates last night, Earnest “ridiculed Republican presidential candidates and GOP members of Congress” for not supporting His Royal Majesty’s immigration reform plan. It is another example of using

In addition to elected officials, the 2016 Republican primary ballot in Texas may also include a question as to whether or not the State of Texas should secede from the Union. The Texas Tribune reports: The Nederland-based Texas independence group is circulating a petition aimed at getting a non-binding vote

Round two of the Republican Presidential Debate is just around the corner. And guess what? The field of competitors on both sides has changed—with one exception. Donald Trump remains in the distant lead. So here’s the big question: is 2016 going to be truly historic because of who voters are

This past week Jeb Bush was a guest on The Late Show with new host Stephen Colbert when Bush said something that some conservative voters might find shocking. When Colbert asked the Governor if the Constitution implied a national right to gun ownership, Bush seemed to indicate that he believed each state

Liberals, leftist liberals, atheists and many Democrats berate, criticize, ridicule and almost call for the persecution of Christians in America. Their preaching of “tolerance” reaches epic hypocritical heights as they seek to push Christians further into the background, removing all Christian principles that would guide government and a nation to