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While buying a phone card, a Muslim “refugee” gets into an argument with the clerk and almost immediately flies into a violent rampage. Thankfully, there were three German men nearby who were able to stop him. Now, they are going to be prosecuted.

It appears that the president’s programming has broken down, as he was rendered unable to articulate the reasons that Donald Trump was such a dangerous candidate in the face of the “continued progress” that Hillary Clinton represents.

Mike Adams of Natural News is about to expose 75 years of science fraud; a move that could crumble the science establishment

According to a 2000 Gallup poll, two-thirds of Americans knew what Memorial Day was about. However, in 2011, eighty percent of Americans said they had “little” or just “some” knowledge of what the holiday was about.

Thousands of Rolling Thunder bikers who rode through the streets of Washington DC to honor America’s POWs and remember those who were killed in serving their country as part of Memorial Day 2016 activities.

In Texas, an Islamist threatened a woman with a knife before attacking a police officer with the Arlington Police Department.

Republican Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) stood to excoriate Senate minority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) for being a “bitter,” “vulgar,” and “sad” man.

An illegal alien man, who had been receiving VA benefits, along with Social Security and other federal, state and local sources, defrauded the government by using the identity of a a US veteran who died.