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Celebrating Death: August is AIDS Celebration Month

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In honor of Saint Augustine, we name August: Universal AIDS Celebration Month.

Neither the sins nor the misery are necessary to the perfection of the universe, but souls as such are necessary, which have the power to sin if they so will, and become miserable if they sin. If misery persisted after their sins had been abolished, or if there were misery before there were sins, then it might be right to say that the order and government of the universe were at fault. Again, if there were sin but no consequent misery, that order is equally dishonored by lack of equity.
Saint Augustine (354-430 AD)

Every culture celebrates the moral and romantic narrative of the chivalrous prince–type jeopardizing his neck to rescue the abducted princess–type. In these narratives, the prince willingly subordinates his corporal/physical well–being to a greater spiritual and moral cause. The prince may desire for his parents to be able to hold his future children and this may cause a brief hesitation. But unless the prince quickly concludes that should he not charge off to rescue the princess he would already be dead, we view the prince to be unfit for romance and greatness.

In the chivalrous prince’s hierarchy—his subordination of the physical to the moral and spiritual—lies our natural law mandate for celebrating AIDS.

The pathology of homosexuality

Like the evil camp which abducted the beautiful princess, homosexuality is littered with pathological behavior. Although homosexuals are more likely to be made into a media darling, Homosexuals are also more likely to be perpetrators of

Thus HIV–AIDS, in concert with these many other pathologies, teaches us to avoid homosexuality and to embrace heterosexual virtue.

But we don’t seem to have the ears to listen.

Heterosexual virtue, abstinence outside of marriage and faithfulness within, is so great a paradigm that it is worth the terrible discipline of AIDS. In the words of Augustine, were there to be no natural “consequent misery” for sodomy, the universe would be “dishonored by lack of equity.” In this way, we see AIDS as an “honorable” aspect of our universe’s design.

As the honorable prince subordinates his inferior corporal life for his greater romantic life, so too we understand our honorable God, in the natural order of STD’s, to subordinate the perversion of homosexuality to moral, romantic and spiritual excellence.

The moral sickness of a society that celebrates death

But in contrast to our honorable celebration, we ask

  • Why is it that people and their government celebrate a deathstyle that removes, on average, 8–20 years of a sodomite’s life? (Ans. here)
  • With its attendant violence, vulgarity, inhumanity and premature death of another, what could possibly be the justification for Multiculturalism’s shameless “pride” celebrations of homosexuality? (Ans. here)
  • What motivates Multiculturalists to demonize those advocating life, those advocating stigmatizing a deathstyle?
  • How is it that the West is able to stigmatize the smoking deathstyle—which cost a modest 10 year lifespan reduction—yet is unable to stigmatize the behaviors which entail many ensuing pathologies, including a 8–20 year average lifespan reduction, associated with a sodomy deathstyle? (Ans. here)

Indeed you know you’re in a sick culture when the good, discerning and honorable man is stigmatized as a “homophobe” while the purveyor of death is endowed with the labels of “open–minded,” “tolerant,” “progressive” and such. But such is the perverse fruit of the religion of Humanism.

Unfortunately the entirety of history reveals that the good and productive man has been—in all Humanistic national governments where it could be financially profitable—the victim of the Humanistic State. Indeed the good and productive man is usually also compulsorily victimized by his Humanistic State to be the financial underwriter for the fallout of Humanistic sexual permissiveness.

The cure to the religion of Humanism involves self-professing Christians understanding Christianity

Humanism says that all adult sexual consensual activity is equally licit. The US culture has become so diseased that adult consensual sexual perversion has taken on an unquestioned sacramental character. Do not look behind the Humanistic curtain or we will brandish you with a scarlet “H”! But Christianity says the marriage bed is the honorable sexual venue (Heb. 13:4) and any other venue for sexual activity is of lesser honor. In particular, Christianity says that homosexuality is worthy of the civil punishment of death:

Therefore God gave them over in the lusts of their hearts to impurity, so that their bodies would be dishonored among them.… the men abandoned the natural function of the woman and burned in their desire toward one another, men with men committing indecent acts and receiving in their own persons the due penalty of their error…. although they know the ordinance of God, that those who practice such things are worthy of death, they not only do the same, but also give hearty approval to those who practice them. (Rom. 1:24-32, emphases added)

Institutional “Christianity” should repent of its Humanism and embrace Christianity. Unfortunately, most Christians are at the vanguard of trying to separate Jesus from social morals (politics!). Christians misinterpret the Left’s favorite verse (“render unto Caesar”) and assume that whatever Caesar says is Caesar’s must be Caesar’s. But God has a different view:

There is only one Lawgiver and Judge, the One who is able to save and to destroy; (James 4:12a)

In terms of their advocacy for civil law, most Christians sound more like Humanists than Theists.

One would think that

(Premise 1) A Christian would think that God knows best.

(Premise 2) God’s civil punishment for homosexuality is death (e.g., Rom. 1:24–32 with James 4:12)

(Conclusion) Christians believe the death penalty to be the appropriate punishment for sodomy and that any other civil punishment would not reflect the mercy and honor of God for His creations to enjoy His gift of sexuality.

But this is not the way in which institutional Christianity rolls. Instead of advocating the death penalty for sodomy, the institutional Christian community is at peace with paying for the State’s research to circumvent God’s punishment for this evil. “AIDS research” is about compelling the good man to fund the princess abduction gang. Among the other evils noted above, the fruit of AIDS research is the acceptance of homosexuality and therefore the facilitation of, inter alia, childhood sexual abuse.

But the main point of this section is that Humanism is the nasty religion which bears the perverse fruit of celebrating aberrant sexuality. Moreover, Humanism, being so organic to fallen humans, does not strike us as being a “religion,” but rather is viewed as “secular” and “the foundation of all political discourse.”

Rebuking the Humanistic faith

The argument that we hear from both self–identified non–theists and institutional Christians alike is

Do not impose your Christian morality on others!

But this is a phony argument. The humanist wishes to impose his licentious morality on the backs of the taxpayer–funded cleanup programs which “care” for unwed mothers and the resulting crime and reduction in economic productivity resulting from incarceration of fatherless boys, unmarried males and from morally wounded mothers who have killed their unborn. Thus the humanist hypocritically accuses me of wishing to do what he and his ilk have actually been doing to the US for over a century.

I’m not trying to impose Christian morality for Christians—like studying the Bible and attending regular fellowship—on Humanists. But Christianity should not be politically ostracized for being correct about natural law, about the moral laws that govern the cause and effect to all people.

Doubling down, the humanist might say, “You wish to impose your Christian Fundamentalism on the nation!”

But when we reply, “So instead of Christian Fundamentalism you wish to impose your Humanistic Fundamentalism?,” the Humanist blows a gasket.

Identification with Humanism does not exempt one from the natural cause and effect relationships associated with natural law and the Bible. Nor should such identification with the religion of Humanism, however universal, be the de facto official religion of the courts and legislature.

If “[the One and] only… [O]ne Lawgiver and Judge” is correct in His civil punishment for sodomy, doesn’t that make all other alternatives incorrect?

And if all other alternatives for the punishment of sodomy are incorrect, then would not societies that chose an incorrect punishment suffer adverse psychological, sociological, political and economic consequences?

The main point in this section is that under the cover of “religious neutrality” Humanism violates the instruction from natural law and sticks the tab to the good and productive man who has earned his wealth by conforming to natural law’s instruction, not violating it like his Humanistic government. Compounding her transgressions, Humanistic government tells the good and productive man that his attempts to get government to align itself on the correct side of the natural order of things (like fornication and fatherlessness, fornication and abortion, homosexuality and pedophilia…) cannot be tolerated because these are religious demands.


Recently a young boy was abducted by a non-relative and taken hundreds of miles away. I estimate the probability of this act being committed by a homosexual to be greater than 95%. Constituting less than 1% of the population, a male homosexual is thus over 1,880 times more likely to have committed this abduction than a non–male homosexual.

This analysis reveals that in some ways institutional (Humanistic) Christianity’s failure to push for the death penalty for those who commit homosexual acts forsakes both God and the abducted boy. While other acts the church does would help the victimized child, this failure to encourage the death penalty places institutional Christianity on the side of the abductor.

If there is “only one Lawgiver and Judge” then we cannot separate social policy from morality. Those who agitate for the separation of church and state (which is different than the separation of denomination and state) advocate policies which politically argue for the functional unification of the church of Humanism with the state and philosophically argue for square circles.

The Humanistic “Supreme” Court, the ACLU… are all populated from the same federally regulated law school culture which teaches in numerous underhanded implied ways that while Christianity is religious, Humanism is succulent secular nectar.

The irony is that political Humanism kills humans, spawns social ills and retards the pursuit of truth.

As Augustine invites us to understand, sexually deviant societies should suffer natural adverse consequences. If God is compassionate to the children who get sexually exploited by homosexuals—and to the other victims of the pathologies that are associated with homosexuality—homosexuality needs to be, and indeed is, dis–incentivized by natural law. And just such a penalty is what HIV–AIDS is “receiving in their own persons, the due penalty of their error” (Rom. 1:27, above).

The Biblical civil penalty prescribed to sodomy is death (e.g., Rom. 1:32). This is also the “due penalty” (Rom. 1:27) from natural law (e.g., HIV–AIDS). For every country interested in its sociological, psychological, cultural and economic well–being, death for sodomy should also be the civil penalty.

So this August, toast to sexual virtue— toast to the chivalrous prince who subordinates his physical well–being for romance—and celebrate AIDS. And please think with your church or synagogue leaders about the death penalty for sodomy.

The Washington Standard

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