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Charles Hugh Smith: The COVID Event Has Revealed The Failures Of Government & Central Banks

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Central banking and centralized planning have failed.  This “event,” also well-known as a scamdemic, or plandemic, has proven that the government always fails, and to give them another chance is simply ludicrous.

Charles Hugh Smith joined Dave with the X22 Spotlight to discuss the failures of the entire system of slavery we’ve been born into. Buckle up, folks. This one isn’t going to be a fun ride for those still thinking the Federal Reserve and the government are there to help. This plandemic event has shown just how badly elitists want to control us.

The best comment on this interview reads: “The COVID event has revealed that the elite globalists conspiracy against the human species is a million times worst than the most radical theories could ever imagine!”

Charles Hugh Smith seems to agree. As he said, “Centralization is itself the disease. In other words, once you give a small group of people in the NSA or in the Federal government or some agency a tremendous amount of power, they’re gonna exercise that power.” The lesson here should be to never allow anyone to have power over other human beings.  It’s not a difficult concept, only one most won’t entertain because we’ve been indoctrinated to never even attempt to imagine our life without a ruling class.

Power corrupts and ultimate power corrupts ultimately. We all know this. So what makes anyone think giving any other human any power over anyone else will ever work in the long run? The good news, is people are actually waking up and pondering this now after decades of being complacent sleepy sheep. “They’re afraid of us learning what they’ve actually been doing, hence the tremendous efforts put in suppressing any whistleblowers.”

Across the spectrum of American life, we have a few people trying to use force and propaganda to manufacture our consent to be controlled, governed, and enslaved.

Article posted with permission from Mac Slavo

The Washington Standard

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