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Christian Parents Take Legal Action Against Local Council Over Their Daughter’s Attempt To Look Like A Boy

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There was a time that the parent of a child was the final authority. There would be no way the state could step in and force decisions. Especially decisions that would be life altering and permanently damaging.

None of us would think that a social work would threaten to take our children if we did not let them have sex with their love interests. They would not make us allow our children to disfigure themselves. “If little Johnny wants to cut off his nose, you must consent.” This notion would be absurd.

Not in Britain.

The Christian Post reports:

Christian parents in the U.K. are taking legal action against their local council authority after it undermined their parental rights and sided with their 14-year-old daughter who says she wants to transition to become a boy.

The Daily Mail reports that the girl, who cannot be named for legal reasons, told local council officials that she wants to start transitioning to look like a boy. The parents have said that she is too young to be making such decisions, however, and will be meeting with teachers and social workers next month to discuss how the girl should be addressed and treated at school.

The Christian Legal Centre, which will be funding the legal costs for the parents, blamed the “transgender cultural movement” for creating what it called a new “conflict of rights” within the family.

Society is growing more and more antagonistic to parents. This antagonism is especially true if that parent is Christian. As I reported, in North Carolina, the Gender Unicorn teaches teens that their parents have no place in such decisions.

This proves that this is not something that is soon to be coming to America; it is already here.

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Michael Ware.

The Washington Standard

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