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Christine Ford’s Secret Unconscious ‘Tells’ Continue Before The Senate – Part One

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Dr. Christine Ford now puts her accusation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh before America front and center.

In so doing, the words of Jesus confront her—and America—with a warning: be careful of the very flaw you so clearly see in Judge Kavanaugh, it may well be the log in your eye. Beware the unconscious log in your eye which you may be so eager to project onto another. Jesus implied to Dr. Ford that ‘You possess a deeper law of human nature, a moral compass, deep in your subconscious by which you read yourself so quickly—this compass is so accurate that it will make your head swim.’

See his use of symbolic language secret ‘tells’—the log in your eye, you are the very neighbor you accuse. You are looking in the mirror. Decode—read—your secret tell language. This is how your unconscious speaks at key moments like the Senate hearings; indeed this is a key moment for America.

In his utter brilliance and brevity, using “his log in the eye” metaphor, Jesus put before the world His instincts about the unconscious super-intelligence and defined its unique symbolic language. The very brilliant unconscious waiting to be discovered when it was, finally in 1973. I was in on that discovery early and validated it with years of clinical research.

The issue is we have: Party A (Dr. Ford) accusing Party B (Kavanaugh) of sexually assaulting her. In the projection “log in your eye” paradigm we ask, “Dr. Ford, could you be unconsciously, unknowingly confessing that you have seriously assaulted another (or maybe several human beings) in matters totally unrelated to Judge Kavanaugh? Are you now also unconsciously scapegoating him to relieve your own guilt?”

She reports early on, “I don’t have all the answers, and I don’t remember as much as I would like to,” adding that “the details about that night…I will never forget.”’ But suppose she’s merged details of another night when she inflicted severe trauma on someone else. We will see other references to memory gaps. She will tell us she never processed the matter at the time in 1982, but primarily avoided it for years, making it a rich minefield for further distortion.

To be clear, a person can strongly find fault with another person but be passionately mistaken on the facts. Did the Democrats on the committee, or the mainstream left-leaning media, ever once consider that powerful, unconscious motivations could be coloring Ford’s testimony?  This indeed is a shame because Dr. Ford’s “dazzling new unconscious” tells a powerful deeper story of major projection onto Kavanaugh. 

In her Senate testimony, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford tells two stories simultaneously–one conscious and one unconscious. Yet she has no conscious idea of doing so. Do the stories match? No. She tells a far more compelling unconscious story guided by her super-intelligence, again the “dazzling new unconscious” which reads a person’s truth in the blink of an eye and speaks in projection images.

As a practicing psychiatrist for more than 40 years, I’ve had extensive experience in decoding the unconscious. I’ve also taught my method to psychiatry residents in a medical center as I supervised their psychotherapy cases. In 1995, I wrote a book about this discovery, The Deeper Intelligence.

As a therapist and training as a physician, I treat sexual abuse victims. I’ve often helped post-abortion women heal from the inner pain and guilt they experience because of their abortions. I’ve helped women who think they want an abortion to understand how they tell themselves deep down that such a decision destroys their unborn’s life.

This is how I decode, how I help people heal, how I solve criminal cases as a forensic profiler being guided by a person’s super-intel. I repeat the story they are trying to tell themselves, yet in decoded terms, trying to find the truth that might set them free.

Even a quick look at her September 27 testimony before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee reveals that Christine Ford is dealing with a major traumatic event fixated in her psyche. But it’s not primarily the one her conscious mind thinks. Her super-intel is reading her in real time, moment by moment, trying to uncover the unconscious truth. 

Republican senators’ secret tell to themselves
In taking Ford’s testimony, the Republican senators called in an expert rape prosecutor, and that decision itself revealed unconsciously that they are not trained interviewers who can look more deeply into the matter. The message from their own collective super-intel was we need someone who can really help us get to the full truth – someone who can read unconscious messages. Instinctively they know Ford would communicate unconsciously.

They need a new mind expert who can read the messages Ford’s super-intel is delivering with its super perception and super communication. Like all of us, the senators have a lot to learn from the new unconscious. They can learn to read symbolic projection language—secret tells.

Again, notice how all the Democratic senators believed Ford’s conscious story. So did much of the media. They are unaware of the new unconscious super-intel and secret tells—how you get to the deeper story. But this is the very last thing the Dems want – deeper motives, deeper story—especially one that reinforces their political agenda against the protection of the unborn. It’s as though they’re saying, “How dare you interrupt the courageous Dr. Ford’s conscious story without a whiff of hidden deeper motives?”

We will see how far from the truth this is and later in a future article how the Democratic senators on the committee demonstrated their own super- intel read on themselves. Their blind adherence to Ford’s conscious story, reveals how they are degrading themselves and the moral compass undergirded by America’s natural law.

As we examine Ford’s Senate testimony, we see that she is unconsciously interviewing herself. Again, her super-intel is the secret reporter presenting her cohesive hidden story in a plethora of revealing images as I mentioned in my previous article.

I will separate her obvious conscious messages from her unconscious ones.

Central motive: Reading through Dr. Ford’s denials

Immediately she says, “I’m not here today because I want to be. I am terrified.”

Denial confessions are often a key part of the story—especially log in your eye stories. You decode by reading through the denial. On the surface, she states that she doesn’t want to be here, but the deeper message is this: “I very much want to be here with my secret agenda, which is why I wrote my letter in the first place. I also am terrified of being here and very divided, but my wish to be here is by far the strongest.” We will learn why she is unconsciously terrified.

Another blatant denial – “I am not political” – means exactly the opposite. In fact, she is deeply politically motivated. Her behavioral tells such as participating in the anti-Trump Women’s March of January 21, 2017, reflect this strongly. She is a strong pro-choice advocate for abortion on demand. This is a major key to her comments completely challenging the notion she has no motive other than purity. But for Dr. Ford, politics are very personal.

Next, we hear another denial, fundamentally an overt lie: “It’s not my responsibility to determine whether Kavanaugh deserves to sit on the Supreme Court.” When she declares, “I am here because I believe it is my civic duty” that duty is precisely to prevent his selection. Her strongest unconscious civic duty is to prevent the selection of a conservative judge who might overturn Roe vs Wade. Once more she will tell just how personal a matter abortion is to her and why a pro-life justice would terrify her.

In the process, she also unconsciously instructs the committee to do the responsible thing by refusing to endorse her testimony—especially to understand her hidden story.

Consider another prior denial she made, essentially saying, “I did not intend my letter to go public and wanted to remain anonymous.” Look how determined she was to go public. She contacted The Washington Post on her own. Going public was her unconscious secret plan all along. She’d have to make a public appearance if she wanted to make an impact – and indeed she did. Unconsciously she delayed her plan until the last minute for maximum effect. Most of all she needs to tell her deeper story to the world.

Instruction on how to listen to super intelligence secret tells

Her brilliant super-intel confesses to hidden communication, “A reporter snuck into her class. I thought it was a student at first.” In other words, she’s secretly reporting on herself. The super-intel repeatedly tries to announce its presence. It especially presents educational message markers – here a reporter disguised as a student suggests powerfully, “Be a student, senators. Learn about my unconscious messages.”

She then adds to the message specifically how to do it. She speaks of sending “encrypted” messages to the Washington Post reporter. Read the tell– her unconscious is reporting things about her in an encrypted symbolic confession. She instructs the senators and America to decode her unconscious reads on herself now.

She continues to unconsciously instruct on how to listen. Her reference to being a diver and a member of the diving team at the club pool during the summer of the alleged assault suggests, “Read deeper; hear my deepest story.” She’s unknowingly confessing that “I’m ‘taking a dive’ for the Democrats’ primary cause at this moment in history – abortion rights on demand.

But above all, Ford’s running from her secret guilt, as we shall see.

Again her central emotional trauma—abortion guilt

She now addresses her primary unconscious emotional trauma. She linked the primary reason for coming forward in August in her unconscious message and denial confession to the Washington Post, when she asked the rhetorical question, “Why suffer through the annihilation if it’s not going to matter?” That projection implies that unborn children have suffered annihilation at her hands, unconsciously upending her life. At that point, violent abortion imagery leaped off the pages of her story. HeHHr unconscious imagery patterns presented a cohesive deeper abortion story. A story I have heard many times.

Now in her Senate testimony, Ford’s super-intel presents even more violent abortion imagery in a stunning unconscious validation of her previous story. That’s a hallmark of the super-intel – it will repeat the same story over and over, to be heard in different ways.

Early in her testimony, she again links the idea of her coming forward to blame Kavanaugh, “to jumping in front of a train headed down the track anyway and be personally annihilated.”  In other words, her primary abortion guilt motive is running over an unborn like a train, annihilating them. In turn, she feels so guilty that she’s considers punishing herself such as by jumping in front of a train.

Note the key marker “personally annihilated” suggesting strongly she was very personally involved. Suggests “I personally annihilated an unborn.”  Either an extremely close friend or very likely she herself underwent an abortion. In her work as a therapist and as a political activist, Ford has personally enabled many more women to abort their babies. There is no wrong more primal than a mother taking her child’s life. Ford informs us unconsciously she knows full well life begins at conception. Her super-intel specializes in detailed imagery.

She also describes how the life-destroying “train [is] headed on down the track anyway.” Unknowingly she secretly announces, “I plan to continue my strong pro-abortion activities.” Bear in mind that Ford reportedly works as a consultant to a pharmaceutical firm that manufactures the abortifacient medication known as the morning-after pill. As such, Ford indirectly enables thousands of abortions.

Violent images continue. She repeats in her testimony that she feared “being inadvertently killed by Kavanaugh.” Again she repeats she was fearful of being raped but clearly was not. That’s a powerful hint of an abortion assault – a total life-destroying rape of the unborn. She references “death threats,” someone threatening her life and that of her family, multiple death references. Read the projection, “I made severe death threats and in very real ways carried them out on unborn babies.”

We note that Brett Kavanaugh did not personally annihilate her, push her in front of a train, kill her, rape her, physically hurt her or threaten her with death. These images are hers and hers alone emanating from her all-seeing super-intel that is reading her deepest motives in public before this Senate hoping they will catch on.

It’s really a basic confession of her primary motive: Claiming Kavanaugh did violence to her but actually admitting that she has done violence to the unborn.

We find several less violent and more disguised abortion images, but they clearly fit with her unconscious confession. Such seemingly innocent images of being a “bystander” and “100 percent certainty” of Kavanaugh’s identity and guilt points again to standing by when an abortion occurs. Again, she suggests that she has enabled numerous abortions and plans to continue doing so in the future.  Her image of “100 percent” certainty implies absolute awareness of her guilt and secret identity: pro-abortion activist.

Womb-home images

Deep down, all women see their womb as a protective house. Women who abort invariably talk about flawed or destroyed houses. Again Dr. Ford repeats her previous story filled with images of houses, secret key references to her guilt.

She particularly confirms her confession now today linking death to a house, her house specifically. Reportedly due to death threats “we had to move out of our house”—suggesting just as she moved an unborn from her womb. “Family was separated” as she separated an unborn from her womb.

We will see other images of houses coming up as we explore her testimony further. The reader can reflect on the numerous references to houses which she presents in her story. There she will strongly suggest exactly what set her off in 2012 to begin a potential anti-Kavanaugh campaign. We will pick up on that in the next article as we slowly process Ford’s testimony. Image by image. Tell by tell. Confession by confession.


In my informed opinion, Ford is publicly confessing to the U.S. Senate and America that her motives are primarily political and that her most powerful emotional trauma is unrelated to Brett Kavanaugh. Again, she confesses her primary driver is her deep guilt which is now in real time the major source of her terror.

She’s projecting her abortion guilt onto Judge Kavanaugh as a result of her continued victimization of numerous unborns and very possibly her own deep personal trauma.

Along the way, she reveals her true intent to make sure the next Associate Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court will be someone who would not overturn Roe v. Wade. That would personally terrify her beyond belief.  It would doubly clarify in her mind she has violated the hallowed laws of maternal nature.

In her demands for an FBI investigation of Kavanaugh, consider yet another projection. Read, somebody please look for my deeper motives and help me see the emotional trauma that haunts and terrifies me.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost. Article by Andrew Hodges, M.D.

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