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This is What Civilization Jihad Looks Like in Australia [videos]

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Over the last year, hundreds of United Patriots Front members wearing True Blue Crew logos, have sought to raise awareness throughout Australia about the very real threat of Islamic jihad and the Australian government’s failure to even acknowledge it.


This Sunday, they are promoting another rally at Hannah Watts park in Melton, Victoria:


At nearly every rally, anti-Australian protesters can be heard chanting, “Allahu Ahkbar,” as this video posted by The Age shows. And, at several protests, violence erupts also evidenced by The Age’s photo gallery.

Despite the fact that hundreds of police are on duty during these events, left-wing protesters, wearing black and masks to cover their faces, are still able to break through police barricades and burn the Australian flag and attack Australian patriots.

Who would have thought that in 2016 Melbourne, Australians carrying Australian flags who want to defend their country from invaders, are attacked on their own streets.

As a result of ongoing violence, Victorian Police Minister Lisa Neville announced that protesters wearing masks would receive higher penalties, ABC News reports. She said:

“Victorians have had enough of seeing this sort of incitement of hatred and violence.

“It does send a message that if you wear a face mask, you will be removed from a protest. If you wear a face mask and commit an offence, you will go to jail for longer.”

United Patriot Front established the Australia First Party, which advocates against “Islamic segregation” and “Muslim only” public housing proposed by the government. Its mission statement is:

“The Australia First Party recognises the dependent nature of the Australian state upon the forces of globalism. Australia is a client state, ruled by a traitor class which is integrated into a transnational network of globalist elites and their economic and political structures. This class would govern Australia as a resources quarry cowed by thought-policing and a secret political police.

“Australia is further menaced by a new Chinese imperialism that competes with the American face of the New World Order for domination over Asia and the Pacific, with Australia a pawn in the game. The unfolding population / food crisis coupled with New World Order wars launches refugee hordes at Australia’s borders, whilst the traitor class sponsors a mass immigration recolonization of Australia for the purposes of economic enmeshment with the ‘global economy’.

“In the world crisis of the first quarter of the twenty-first century, Australia lacks status as an independent country. Indeed, Australia may disappear by century’s end as a country – and suffer partition by other states.”

Hard to believe Australia no longer being Australian by centuries end, but as the last few years have shown, anything is possible.

Article reposted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Bethany Blankley.

The Washington Standard

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