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Clinton’s Health a ‘Conspiracy Theory’? — MSNBC Cuts Live Coverage As She Chokes Uncontrollably

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Article first appeared at The Free Thought Project.

As theories abound on the current state of Hillary Clinton’s health, one thing is certain — the media is on her side to suppress them. However, their overt attempts at censorship are being exposed. The latest corporate media leviathan to prove their loyalty to the corrupt Clinton was MSNBC — who cut live coverage as Hillary erupts in a brutal coughing fit; one of two caught on camera that day.

During the middle of a “Russia-Trump Conspiracy” lecture, Clinton began coughing…and coughing. She was forced to cut short the talk and quickly blamed “seasonal allergies” — ironically inside the heavily filtered aircraft.

Clinton quickly retreated to the front of the plane where she was met by her handler, who seems to always be there during her health fits. When she came back Hillary explained that “we went back and checked and this happens to me every Labor day.”

The airplane blunder was not the only coughing attack suffered by the democratic presidential candidate either. Earlier that afternoon, as Clinton began her speech at a rally in Cleveland, Ohio, she broke out in what MSNBC anchor Ari Melber described as “one of the worst coughing fits I have ever seen.”

For over 4 grueling and uncomfortable minutes, Clinton coughed, cleared her throat, coughed, and cleared her throat again. The speech was nearly indecipherable. She did manage to squeeze in a joke and said, “every time I think about Trump I get allergic.” Apparently seeing enough of their champion of corruption suffering, however, MSNBC cut away.

Sadly enough, anyone who questions the presidential candidate’s health is shunned and written off as a conspiracy theorist. However, it appears that there are actual grounds for this concern.

As the Free Thought Project previously reported, only days after board-certified medicine specialist, and TV personality, Dr. Drew Pinsky publicly stated that he was “gravely concerned” about the health of Hillary Clinton, his show was abruptly canceled by CNN. Not only was he fired, but on Monday, we found that sources close to Pinsky describe a ‘mafia’-like reaction from CNN, including harassment and threats.

Pinsky wasn’t alone either.

Just last week, Huffington Post banned journalist David Seaman from posting on their website for penning a commentary piece discussing questions surrounding Hillary’s health problems, as reported by Zero Hedge. 

“Both of my articles have been pulled without notice of any kind, just completely deleted from the Internet, and both of those articles mentioned Hillary’s health,” Seaman said in a video posted to his YouTube channel.

“I’ve filed hundreds of stories over the years as a journalist and I’ve never had anything like this happen….I’ve never experienced this,” remarked Seaman, adding that he was now seeking legal counsel.

“This is spooky, to me this is extremely spooky – I don’t like it,” he added.

The state of Clinton’s health is not the issue at hand, but rather the massive cover-up by the corporate media who continue to silence those who point it out.

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