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CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski Tries To Destroy Congressman For Having Dinner With Belgian Politician

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The intrepid far-Left “reporters” Andrew Kaczynski and Chris Massie wrote at CNN Thursday that “Rep. Paul Gosar of Arizona attended an hours-long dinner in London in July with an extremist Belgian politician who has a history of inflammatory and racist comments.”

Well, Andrew, hang him high! This nasty little Kacyznski/Massie exercise in character assassination and guilt by association continues: “The Belgian official, Filip DeWinter, told CNN’s KFile that Gosar joined him after the two spoke at an event in support of a jailed British activist at a dinner organized by former Trump White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.”

The story is notable for how many targets of CNN’s hatred and demonization are present: not just DeWinter, but an unnamed Tommy Robinson, as well as Trump and Steve Bannon. Even I make an appearance: “DeWinter has said Islam doesn’t belong in Europe, using the hashtag ‘#BanIslam.’ He caused an uproar in June of 2015 over a racist tweet about a festival in Antwerp and spoke at the white nationalist American Renaissance conference in 2016. Even the anti-Muslim American activist Robert Spencer has noted, ‘Filip DeWinter has said some things I deplore.’”

Congressman Paul Gosar had dinner with Filip DeWinter, and CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski wants you to think that Filip DeWinter is a bad guy, and that therefore Gosar should pay a political price for this dinner. The fearless Kaczynski emailed me Thursday morning to notify me that he had quoted me in this piece. The quote is from 2010; Kaczynski predictably omits quoting my further remarks, which would have destroyed his entire guilt-by-association enterprise: “But I don’t consider myself responsible for him just because I was at this conference and he was, too. That’s an outrageous kind of guilt by association. Let me ask you this: a few years ago I spoke at a Yom Kippur service, and one of the other speakers was Hillary Clinton. Does that make me a supporter or her work, or her of mine?”

Since 2010 I have had no contact with Filip DeWinter and have no idea of his stances on various issues, but Kaczynski, of course, did not bother to contact me before publishing his article, to see if the quote was still current.

Have you ever had dinner with anyone with whom you have disagreements? Do you think you should be held responsible for all the beliefs of all the dinner companions you have ever had in your life? Kacyznski’s CNN article on this is Leftist smear propaganda at its finest, trying to hang Gosar for DeWinter’s alleged views without even making any attempt to present DeWinter’s views in anything but the worst possible light, or to find out from Gosar if he agrees with DeWinter.

So I wrote this back to Andrew Kaczynski:

Thanks, Andrew. Say, I’m working on an article and have some questions for you:

  1. How did you determine that opposing jihad terror and Sharia oppression were “anti-Muslim”? Do you believe foes of the Nazis were “anti-German”?
  2. Is it your standard procedure not to contact the speaker for comment when republishing eight-year-old quotes?
  3. On what basis have you determined that there is no threat of jihad terror and Sharia oppression, such that those who oppose them are simply racists, bigots, etc.?
  4. Can you please direct me to the stories you did on the imams in California and elsewhere who recently were caught on video praying for the annihilation of the Jews? Can you please point out where I or anyone else you smear as “anti-Muslim” has ever prayed for or wished for the annihilation of anyone?
  5. Do you agree on all points with everyone with whom you have ever had dinner? If not, do you think it would be fair journalistic practice for CNN to try to defame and destroy you on the basis of your dinner companion?
  6. Are you free for dinner tonight? It’s on me.

Not surprisingly, I got no response. These hard-Left propagandists don’t want to debate with their targets. They just want to destroy them.

Article posted with permission from Robert Spencer

The Washington Standard

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