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Corroborating Evidence of Pedophilia on Hunter’s Laptop, His Depravity Beggars Belief

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It’s incredible the amount of plain evidence and yet, this criminal has not been arrested.  Why?  He’s not a public servant, and by the way, neither is his father.  They’re both pedophiles.  So, where is that “Thin Blue Line” to arrest this documented pedophile?  Where?  Don’t tell me to back the blue until the blue does their job with the sodomites and with Hunter Biden, and his dad.

Sadly, the Russian media is publishing this information while the American Mockingbird media lies and claims there’s nothing to see here, take a look at a sampling of images that indicate exactly what Hunter has his eyes on.

Hunters Young girls – scroll down for photos in just the first hundred photos of the over ten thousand pictures on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Pamela Geller put up several of the photos from the website.  I had to delete a few because they were way too inappropriate, even with coverings.  If people really want to see all that, it’s documented on the site linked above, but this is enough to demonstrate







Smoking crack on the road (there are hundreds of drug pics, by the way) but driving, crack smoking and speeding? That’s a recipe for murder.

Hunter Filmed Himself Smoking Crack While Driving 175 MPH Exposing Himself Behind the Wheel Of Porsche

He is so high here, he is endlessly fascinated with the smoke circling in the light:

Endless naked photos oh himself:

Text with his dead brother’s wife, Halie Biden, who he is obsessed with and abuses with relish. So many abusive tests. He is also obsessed with her young daughter (see above):

And all the filthy lucre:

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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