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COVID Shot – More Evil Than You Think

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People need to think long and hard about what is going on in this country. Just saying the shot is good and refusing to hear otherwise will not protect you from the damage it can do.  Saying, “I might as well take it because they are too powerful to fight,” will not protect you either. There are really bad things involved with this shot, and besides possibly wrecking your health, you are also sending a strong message to God by taking it.

It really is stunning the level of gullibility of the people taking the COVID shot. They just make the assumption that the shot has to be good for them, and most have no desire to hear otherwise. People refusing to make an informed decision shows just how low our country has sunk morally. God expects us to make morale decisions. We were given the Bible so we can study it and make moral decisions. People not caring enough to even ask if a medical procedure is moral or sinful shows a lack of morality.  If they do not think of right or wrong, they do not care about right or wrong.

Have you ever heard a sermon at church where they explained that some of the things done by doctors today are not only immoral but also wicked? If you have, it would be one of the few. Hopefully, most people would realize it would be wrong to murder someone to take their organs to keep other people alive. The question then becomes, why do they not realize it is just as wrong to kill a baby and use the baby’s body to make a vaccine? Just claiming they do not know it is wrong or they do not believe it is wrong, does not make it right.

If you were driving by a school and ran over a child in the crosswalk and killed them, would it somehow become alright if you said you did not know there was a stop sign there? If you were charged with reckless homicide, would the judge forgive you because you said you did not look to see if there was a stop sign, so they cannot say you are wrong for running the stop sign? If you said you did not look at your speed or look at what the speed limit was, would the court think you are right? A child is dead, and all you are telling the court is how hard-hearted you are.  Why should they forgive you?

Some will say, “Come on Richards, your example does not apply because we are saved by grace.” Really?  God loves us so much that He will let us deliberately do wrong and then forgive us even if we are not sorry for what we have done? God loved that baby that was murdered to make the vaccines. That baby was as innocent as anyone could be. The only thing that got the baby killed was having bad parents and a bad country. The baby was in a country where the government not only allows atrocities, but commits atrocities, and where the people allow the atrocities to happen.  So, now the baby is dead. Instead of stopping the atrocities, there are people wanting the dead babies to be used to make them healthy. How sick is that?

The Bible says we are all God’s Creation. If one child murdered their sister and then ate them, would a loving parent tell the killer they were save by grace, even if the killer was glad they did it, and refused to be sorry? God loves all those murdered babies. All those babies are God’s Creation. As a country, we have been horribly wicked for what we have allowed.

The Bible says numerous times how much God hates babies being murdered in Moloch worship. Parents would throw their babies into the fire that was burning in the belly of the statue of Moloch. The reason they did this is they thought Moloch would bless them. The reality is that those people were looking to the devil for their help instead of God, and the devil required them to do evil for his help. The same thing is happening today. People are frightened and do not want to die. Cult medicine is promising to save them. All they have to do is participate in high-tech cannibalism and cult medicine will save them from their fear.

Nowhere in the Bible did God ask if the people had a good reason for murdering their babies for Moloch. It was wicked, God hated it, and no excuses will change that. It does not matter if you call the false God Moloch, the Devil, or Big Pharma.  If evil is being done to get their help, it is wrong. Just because people are injecting someone else’s baby into their body, does not excuse them. Nowhere in the Bdible does God excuse the people who allowed someone else to kill their baby for their benefit. God hates the murder of babies, no matter how they try to twist it.  Even when they put the idols in God’s own temple, God hated it.

I have had family members who have taken the COVID shot. At first, I was tempted to pray that God would protect them from what they had done. I now realize that would be as bad as asking God to protect the people that were throwing babies into the belly of Moloch to burn in the fire. Killing babies to receive a benefit is wrong, even if I love the people who are doing it. I cannot ask God to protect them from their evil as that would be asking God to bless them in their evil. All I can ask God to do is help them to repent of their evil.

Some are saying: “Well, not all the vaccines have dead babies in them.” Do we really know that? People who are willing to kill children for money are claiming they only put the babies in some of the vaccines, but not all the vaccines. Why would we believe them? I think they are saying that so some people can lie to themselves and say they are not doing wrong when they know they are they are doing wrong. Our country has become so wicked that even the so-called Christian leaders are unwilling to ask if this is wrong. Many of them are joining in and calling it good. Some day, they will have to explain that to God, and Jesus already warned them about calling good evil and evil good.


Article by Steve Richards

The Washington Standard

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