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Cruz Contends FBI Recommendation for Hillary Threatens Rule of Law

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What a tangled web is woven when deception becomes the norm and violating federal law gets a pass. It’s official that Hillary Clinton will not be charged in what amounts to “email-gate.” The decision made by FBI director James Comey brings into question the integrity of the federal investigative agency. The same agency who has doggedly hounded Edward Snowden and wants to prosecute him for being a whistleblower lets Hillary Clinton skate. Too bad Snowden couldn’t get Bill to intervene on his behalf.

In the wake of the FBI decision, Sen. Ted Cruz claimed on Tuesday the decision not to bring charges against Clinton “threatens the rule of law.” He is requesting full access to all the information used by the agency in their investigation and decision.

The Blaze reports:

In a statement, Cruz questioned the integrity of FBI Director James Comey, who Tuesday morning handed down his recommendation regarding Clinton’s use of a private email server as secretary of state.

“While I have tremendous respect for the dedicated men and women of the FBI, I have serious concerns about the integrity of Director Comey’s decision, and how it threatens the rule of law,” he said.

Cruz argued that the Justice Department has become “politicized” under President Barack Obama, adding that he hopes a similar “politicization has not similarly corrupted the Federal Bureau of Investigation.”

The Texas lawmaker’s comments come after Comey said the practices of Clinton and her top aides was “extremely careless” with national secrets, even though he did not recommend charges against the presumptive Democratic nominee.

Clinton was more than “extremely careless.” According to her top aide, Huma Abedin, Clinton routinely “used burn bags to dispose of personal document during her time at the State Department.”

During Abedin’s deposition by the watchdog group Judicial Watch, she stated, “If there was a schedule that was created, that was her Secretary of State daily schedule, and a copy of that was then put in the burn bag, then that certainly happened. On more than one occasion.”

Moreover, Abedin admitted to being aware of the obligation not to delete or destroy federal records.

According to Infowars.com, “The State Department has clear regulations pertaining to the use of ‘burn bags,’ and while government officials are directed to use them to dispose of both ‘paper‘ and ‘hardrives,’ the government strictly prohibits several items — including ‘personal documents’ — from being destroyed in burn bags.”

Sen. Cruz stated, “Director Comey has rewritten a clearly-worded federal criminal statute. In doing so, he has come dangerously close to saying that grossly negligent handling of classified information should not result in serious consequences for high-level officials.”

Sen. Cruz is being too kind here. Comey is absolutely declaring that any mishandling of classified information by anyone who is a high-level official is off limits for criminal charges recommendations. Yet, his agency can spend countless man hours hounding citizens engaged in exercising their rights, ruthlessly murder an individual exercising his rights, and levy outrageous bogus charges against citizens and journalists for exercising their rights as the judicial system aids and abets Comey’s agency by holding political prisoners.

General David Petraeus was urged to resign his position because of an extramarital affair with his biographer. In fact, both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Justice Department recommended filing felony charges against Petraeus for the classified information provided to his biographer. Despite his denial of the charges, Petraeus pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor. He received two years of probation plus was fined $100,000.

Petraeus, at the time, was a “high-level official.” His position as the director of the CIA was not high enough to allow him to “skate” on charges regarding the mishandling of classified information.

How “high-level” of an official does someone have to be to “skate” charges regarding classified information handling? Who decides what that level is? Only Comey knows since he has now decided on his own, unilaterally to rewrite the law. As they say, “like father, like son.”

Comey has emphatically maintained the FBI’s independence in the investigation and stated that no one at the Justice Department knew what he was planning to say. Well, of course not. (Sarcasm on) This administration has been the epitome of transparency, lawfulness, constitution upholding and equity under the law. (Sarcasm off)

Needless to say, everyone finds it rather curious this announcement by Comey was made after Bill Clinton wrangled around his flight to steal 30 minutes with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the tarmac of Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. Regardless of what has been said by either Clinton or Lynch, this meeting was not impromptu and was manipulated by Clinton to discuss with Lynch the investigation and possible charges against Hillary. After all, this is the Clinton Crime Syndicate here. Bill has committed perjury without so much as a fine being levied. Why would he need to tell the truth now?

More from The Blaze:

Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley (R), chair of the Judiciary Committee, said Tuesday that the FBI “must be more transparent than ever in releasing information gathered during its investigation.”

“There are plenty of [Freedom of Information Act] and congressional requests pending that have been on hold because of the ongoing nature of the investigation,” he said, “so now the FBI should respond fully and completely to all of them.”

Pardon me while I laugh hysterically at Sen. Grassley’s statements. A select congressional committee to investigate the wrong-doing surrounding Benghazi and the “high-level officials” response or lack thereof resulting in the deaths of four Americans and an ambassador could not even “pass go and collect $200 dollars.” Expecting transparency out of any federal bureaucracy under Hussein Soetoro or Loretta Lynch is like expecting the moon to be made of cream cheese. And, how many individuals are still held in “contempt” by Congress without any punitive action taken? Thinking any agency or department in this administration is not going to obstruct any Freedom of Information Act request, as this administration has a habit of obstruction, is like thinking that money grows on trees.

And, what is going to happen if and when the FBI releases the information gathered during this investigation? Simple, nothing. It will be Lois Lerner, Eric Holder and a host of other “big talk, no action” situations all over again.

In the meantime, the Democrats and Hussein Soetoro push a criminal for president, hold political prisoners from the Oregon assembly to redress grievances, and decide for whom the law applies. The FBI and Oregon State Police remain exempt from murder charges while the average citizen has had their God-given unalienable rights trampled, stripped and eradicated by a corrupt federal government and well-oiled political circus.

As this administration and Hillary Clinton would have law-abiding citizens who own firearms be guilty until proven innocent with the push of “no fly, no buy,” a guilty Hillary Clinton walks around campaigning for president with armed guards. It’s been said before and must be said again – Hillary is like Teflon. Unfortunately, the low information voters and many “vagina” holders will cast their ballots in favor of this criminal “’cause – woman.”

Sen. Cruz is correct. The politicization of the Justice Department has extended to the Federal Bureau of Investigation producing a corrupt investigative agency whose latest in a string of miscarriages of justice is letting Hillary off the hook. At this point in time, no government agency is capable of independently, objectively and thoroughly investigating any type of infraction committed by any individual or groups of individuals in government. The corruption is complete. We, as citizens, are subject to the whim of men who interpret the law out of convenience – unless, we stand and take back our republic.

Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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