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“Democracy Spring” is Just the Newest Label on an Old Package – ConCon’s Lessig is At It Again

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It was not a surprise, after reading the story on Breitbart.com about “the largest civil disobedience action of the century”, to find that Professor Lawrence Lessig is one of the main coordinators of this planned action. Although using Trump as the excuse-of-the-day, Lessig never misses any opportunity to push for his version of campaign finance reform, which was what his support of a Constitutional Convention/Convention of States with Mark Meckler, Michael Farris and others was all about.

Democracy Spring, according to Breitbart.com: “some of the same radical groups involved in shutting down Donald Trump’s Chicago rally last week are plotting a mass civil disobedience movement to begin next month.” Well, of course, they are the same groups. They are always the same. Most of these sponsoring groups are also behind the Leftist’s version of a ConCon, among them, Lessig’s Rootstrikers, Cenk Uygar and his Wolf Pack as well as Medea Benjamin’s Code Pink. You will see many of the same here on their MoveToAmend site.Why? Campaign finance reform. Anyone who cannot figure out that reform they want will ensure their power indefinitely is naive, indeed. Why do you think Obama was so furious with the SCOTUS ruling on that topic? It’s a vital part of their vision.

So, what has this to do with Trump? Nothing (as he has not even taken big PAC money for his campaign). He is just their latest rallying point for the same push they have always had. Using the current high voltage emotions in the campaign season, they are pushing the very same things with a new label.

For those unfamiliar with Lawrence Lessig, here are just a few highlights from an earlier PJ Media piece:

Just a month after this event, in October, 2011, Lawrence Lessig of CFA was out conducting a “teach in” among the Occupy Wall Street crowd. His goal appeared to be to convince them that they had to work with the Tea Party to get the campaign finance reform they wanted, and he had a plan for how to do it. Campaign finance reform is clearly the key to the progressive future, as we continue to see it put forward again and again. He had also just come out with a new book, which the Atlantic suggested could be the OWS handbook:

Lawrence Lessig has an answer. In his new book, “Republic, Lost: How Money Corrupts Congress — and a Plan to Stop It”, he spends 20 pages reviewing the the 30 years of deregulation that led up to the financial crisis and outlining our present circumstances. In fact, this book, published just before Occupy Wall Street began, is perfectly positioned to become the movement’s handbook. While few protesters will need convincing that the government is corrupted by money, the book lays out the case in a such a comprehensive and persuasive manner — and proposes such specific and radical solutions — that it seems tailor-made for the Occupy movement. And it’s ambitious proposal for state-based activism on behalf of a Constitutional Convention could provide the movement with a next organizing step as it nears its two-month anniversary Thursday — and faces such questions as how to ride out the winter and how to respond to police crackdowns. Properly presented, the strategies and aims of Lessig’s book could make it the handbook the protesters have been looking for — and provide a pathway for them to ride out the winter ahead.

Clearly, CFA adviser Lawrence Lessig has been very active in the ConCon movement for some time. Director of the Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics at Harvard and a Harvard law professor, Lessig is also a Creative Commons founder (funded by Soros’ Open Society), as well as being an adviser to the Sunlight Foundation (also supported by Soros’ Open Society) and board member of the Coffee Party (progressive answer to the Tea Party.)  Lawrence Lessig is reportedly a good friend of Barack Obama’s from their University of Chicago teaching days together and was a tech adviser to the Obama campaign. Lessig is also remembered for presenting a denigrating video at a few of his speaking appearances mocking Jesus, as reported by RedState.com:

It’s no secret that the Obama campaign does not want to be tied too directly to Lessig. In addition to happily showing off blasphemous images of Christ, Lessig is also known as a digital communist (read the linked article for the substance of why he’s called that) Lessig believes there should be no such thing as intellectual property rights — patents and copyrights should be tossed. Lessig’s anti-property theories give businesses and a lot of regular folks the heebie-jeebies. After all, if the government can strip you of your intellectual property, why can’t it take away your real property?

Just as importantly as advising Obama though, Lessig is an adviser to Google. And it was at a Google employee event that Lessig showed off a video of an effeminate Jesus who strips down to all but a loin cloth diaper singing “I Will Survive” until getting run over by a bus. Lessig acted bemused and surprised by the reaction of some saying, “This is a little bit touchy to some people. I don’t get it, so just chill. The underlying message here is that Jesus does survive.”

Also important to note is that Lawrence Lessig was also a board member of Americans Elect. AmericansElect was started by Peter Ackerman, one of the people credited for coming up with the “waging nonviolence” technique taught to Egyptian revolutionaries to help them with their revolution. Like many of their efforts, AmericansElect sounded like another great blending of concerned Americans from all sides of the aisle, just working together against a corrupt system to get the candidate of their choice. However, many people questioned the true agenda of AmericansElect. They never revealed their donor list. A look at their “dream candidates”, as presented by AmericansElect’s Nick Troiano, may give you further insight into the direction they’d like to go:

Steve Ballmer, Meg Whitman, Mitt Romney, Eric E. Schmidt, David Petraeus, Hillary Clinton, David Boren, Erskine Bowles, Oprah Winfrey, Kenneth Chenault, Evan Bayh, Sam Nunn, Colin Powell, Bill Bradley, John Chambers, Mike Bloomberg, Antonio Villaraigosa, Tom Brokaw, Fred Smith, John Roberts, Tim Pawlenty, Bill Cohen, Condoleezza Rice,  Jeb Bush,  Brian L. Roberts, Jon Corzine,  Barack Obama, Howard Schultz, Anderson Cooper, Lee Hamilton, Charlie Crist, Bob Kerry, Mitch Daniels, Jim Lehrer, Chris Christie, Alan Mulally, Bill Gates, Marco Rubio, Bob Graham, Robert Gates, Chuck Hagel, David Walker, Mark Warner, Tim Kaine, Jon Huntsman, Ed Whitacre, Tom Ridge, Jeffrey Immelt, Bill Richardson.

None of this is new, but putting it together, as they continue to start new groups with new names (and the same old agendas) is important. For many more connections among these same people, please review these links. Be informed and spread the word. For further information, please take a look at the following articles:

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*Article by Michelle Horstman

The Washington Standard

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