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Dennis Michael Lynch on Trump’s Meeting with Pelosi & Schumer: “The President is Out of Control”

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One can hardly think of illegal immigration, aka illegal alien invasion, without linking it to the documentary three-part series by Dennis Michael Lynch, “They Come to America.”

It is a must watch for anyone who doesn’t understand the impact of illegal alien invasion upon this republic.

In 2015, articles here at Freedom Outpost covered the three DVD series – “They Come to America – A Must See“; “They Come To America – An Unsecure Border“;  and, “They Come to America – The Disconnect with Political Rhetoric.”

The series remains for sale on the above referenced site.

In response to President Trump’s meeting with Democratic House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and Democratic Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and the president’s subsequent tweets regarding the meeting, Dennis Michael Lynch had plenty to say in response.

Before the video, Mr. Lynch wants viewers to understand a few things.

  1. DACA, or any version of it, is amnesty.
  2. Allowing illegal aliens to remain in the country is amnesty
  3. Not enforcing the law is what Obama did
  4. Although no deal has been cut, Trump is in favor of getting a deal done on DACA.  If you don’t believe this then you don’t believe Trump.  He has said it, has tweeted it,                               several times.

The video can be viewed here either in YouTube or Facebook Live format.

Mr. Lynch is correct in that Trump took a hard-line stance on illegal alien invasion.

He was the only Republican candidate to do so.

In fact, Donald Trump published his “immigration reform” platform on his website, which the direct link was removed receiving a 404 error when trying to access it.

However, web archives are a wonderful thing when Trump’s plan can be accessed through a search.

In that plan, there contained a section entitled, “Defend the Laws And Constitution Of The United States.”

Where does playing “Let’s Make  A Deal” with Pelosi and Schumer on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, where Miss Piggy and Kermit the Frog get the shiny new Ferrari and American citizens get a pie plate full of whipped cream in the face, play into this campaign platform posted proudly on the internet for everyone in the world to read?  Nowhere.

And, how does one propose to distinguish these childhood arrivals, who are now adults and have had plenty of time to apply for legal immigration, from those individuals who did not arrive as children, who have committed additional crimes and who were released by the Hussein Soetoro regime – because we know how meticulous immigration records are kept, and those who are terrorists from countries other than those in Mexico, Latin and Central America?

Where is the return on the investment voters who supported Trump made in the 2016 election?

How does empathy and sympathy for illegal alien invader criminals, which is what the children turned adults now are because they have violated the constitutionally passed immigration law, override the empathy and sympathy for the groups of American citizens Mr. Lynch identified in his rebuttal speech to Trump?

Dennis Lynch is correct when stating that Trump indicated Hillary Clinton’s 3 million popular vote edge probably came from illegal alien invader voters.

Now, though, Trump wants to make those illegal alien invaders legal voters through amnesty and citizenship, which will be forthcoming in any immigration reform bill involving establishment Republicans and Democrats.

Trump’s own immigration reform platform touts the wrongly identified number of 11 million illegal alien invader criminals already inside the republic’s borders.

So, where does this fictional 800,000 number originate when immigration records are sorely lacking to accurately determine illegal alien invader criminals much less those brought here as children?

Like many citizens, this issue of continuing to let criminals slide based on being a political elite, a wealthy individual, or illegal alien invader from wherever has about run its course to where there can be no more wiggle room.  As a friend likes to say, very colorfully, in fact, “I have no more ***** to give.”

It’s time to throw Trump’s own campaign immigration reform platform back in his face!

What about it “Mr. President?”  Are you willing to stand on your own platform or was that platform just a pat on the head to the good little American voter whose support you needed to secure the White House?

A better question, Mr. President, is did you even have a hand in developing this platform or have some stooge write it for you then just didn’t bother to read it?

It wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for that to occur since the majority of Washington, DC, elected officials can’t be bothered to read anything, if they can even read at all.

So, while you are busy trying to use tweets to put out a fire you started, why don’t you think about the citizens in this republic who have largely been forgotten by their government as Mr. Lynch identified.

Many put you in the office you now hold.

The others are in tent cities, are homeless, and are veterans who heeded the call of their country and have been treated worse than lepers.

Where is your empathy and sympathy for them?

Nowhere, but you have no difficulty giving empathy and sympathy to those who have given nothing and taken everything.

Man up, Donald.

Be a man of your word or wear the plaque denoting everyone in Washington, DC – charlatan politician.

Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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