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Department Of Defense Playing Doctor?

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Conceived in 2019, the Department of Defense (DOD), under its Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s (DTRA) Chemical and Biological Technologies Department (DTRA), developed a program called Discovery of MCMs (medical countermeasures) Against Novel Entities (DOMANE) “to rapidly identify a combination of drugs to impact the novel biological threat from multiple targets, which may prove effective in promoting a disease-modifying effect to counter the biological threat.”  One program aspect is the DOD experiments around with different treatments.  If a treatment it creates does well it can become a new “standard of care” (SOC).  It is the DOD belief that “Machine learning expedites the process of discovering medical countermeasures for emerging biological threats like COVID-19” for a biological rapid response.  DTRA also works with the United Nations organizations WHO, FAO, and WOAH.

This has evolved into a Chemical and Biological Defense Program that invests in producing new vaccines and medications utilizing Artificial Intelligence in a biological technologies department, while DOMANE can “reduce or eliminate the time-intensive…human safety studies”.

Not surprisingly, this all occurred around the emergence of Covid-19, and DOMANE was involved.  Its drug cocktail for Covid was Remdesivir, Famotidine, Celecoxib, and Ivermectin.  The medical field began using Remdesivir which ended up causing some problems with kidney function.  Why was the lower cost and effective Ivermectin banned for use?

Executive Order 13887 in 2019 brought in the US Department of Defense for influenza vaccine development with the National Influenza Vaccine Task Force, and the goal of “achieving the vision outlined in the NIVMS” (National Influenza Vaccine Modernization Strategy).

Pandemic Hysteria

In 2005, President Bush dumped $7.1 billion towards stopping the Avian flu pandemic (which never came) that he claimed would kill two million, with a full report of draconian actions to take.  Maybe it was just the framework for what has been forced down our throats since Covid.  Is there a real threat?

Currently, mass hysteria continues about future pandemics, currently labeling unknown illnesses as Disease X.  “Pandemic preparedness” is the buzz word of the day and the World Health Organization (WHO) is actively working to take control with a pandemic treaty, which Idaho should resist.

One disease being hyped up for the next pandemic is Avian flu, also known as Bird flu, or H5N1.  Avian flu, is a viral infection that spreads between birds and is a more serious variant known as HPAI that can kill poultry.  Also known as a zoonotic disease, it can spread from animals to humans.  Recent focus has been on H5N1 spreading to cows, including in Idaho, with one case this year.  One Texas man working with cattle contracted H5N1 with eye inflammations as the only symptom.  Or is H5N1 just another way to disrupt food supplies and destroy the livelihoods of Americans?

While an H5N1 infection can be fatal, overall, H5N1 “rarely infect humans“, and is rarely contagious between people.  Interestingly, this article points out that if a version of bird flu mutated for easier spread between people, it could cause a pandemic.  Just last year former CDC Director, Robert Redfield, stated in the audio that the next great pandemic will be “bird flu”.

Gain of function research to make H5N1 more transmissible between humans has been going on for years, and after a short pause, resumed in 2019.  With speculation that Covid-19 was a gain of function virus involving questionable DOD funding, some speculate that H5N1 is being utilized for the same purpose.  Even the Center for Disease Control (CDC) is surveilling for its “ability for increased transmissibility to people”.  The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) is even questioned about its participation.

As early as 2007 a vaccine for H5N1 was developed because of a “threat to human health”, with changes made in 2013 for a national stockpile, and contain mercury.  Development of an Avian flu vaccine continues to be underway.

Government Funding

It is astonishing the amount of government funding that has escalated since the Covid event.  In Biden’s $1.2 Trillion spending package, $708,272,000 is allocated for emerging and zoonotic infectious diseases and $315,000,000 for flu pandemic preparation, including vaccine production.

The White House is also pouring money into a Gates-funded “50-country partnership” to “combat future pandemics” and create a Pandemic Fund, while at the same time launching the U.S. Global Health Security Strategy.  Included in this strategy is to “Further strengthen a One Health approach to GHS, including integrating infectious disease data from human, animal, plant and environment sectors”.  One Health is a World Health Organization “approach” that links disease between the environment, animals, and humans.  What a great way to keep everyone oppressed, control economic activity, and keep people jabbed.  Maybe someone should tell them to quit manipulating viruses with experiments.  It is also why Idaho should prohibit all WHO activity.

This information is just a small slice of how government is really implementing a full onslaught of control.  There is the White House Office of Pandemic Preparedness and Response Policy (OPPR); DoD Biodefense Posture Review; National Health Security Strategy; (Pg 16) mitigation and minimizing risks of zoonotic diseases including implementation of sanitary animal production practices across all major animal value chains in accordance with international standards (which may explain the recent targeting of small farms, again no legislation to do it); engaging more with WHO, FAO, United Nations Environment Programme, WOAH; strengthening the WHO and International Health Regulations implementation; financing global funds such as Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness (CEPI), and the Pandemic Fund; partnering with the Global Health Security Agenda; and the Biomanufacturing, among many other tyrannical actions.

Page 31 of the Global Health Security Strategy lists all involved federal agencies, actually all are involved as a “one government” approach.  There is also the National Biodefense Strategy and Implementation Plan, Strategic Preparedness and Response, National COVID-⁠19 Preparedness plan to prepare for Covid variants, and the Generative Unconstrained Intelligent Drug Engineering (GUIDE) program with addiction treatment.  If this doesn’t make the head spin resulting in nausea, it should be a testament to how out of control this government is, and the intention is full control.

All this for a virus, and all other unknown bugs out there, that even the CDC knows is low risk, but it is actively working to do something, with handy tips on how to avoid contracting it.  In reality, this all looks more like a new surveillance system for control.

WHO lists nine potential pandemic virus threats, including Disease X.  Good idea to list subjects that will continue to fund one’s own existence.

This continued government bloating is breathtaking.  Even worse is how much the military-industrial complex has expanded.  It only adds to the burdensome weight of a government that every American must feel around their neck.  Creating fear with climate change hasn’t worked fast enough, but putting human lives at risk with pandemics will.

For now, stay calm, and don’t get caught up in the fear frenzy.  Scrutinize every piece of information disseminated by the government for accuracy and truth.  Above all, conduct research on whatever the government is reporting.  Quit pointing to the problem and start working with local officials and your state legislator, tell them you want policies put into place that will exercise state sovereignty when it comes to this issue.

Where is the Birdman of Alcatraz when you need him?

Karen Schumacher

Karen Schumacher is a regular contributor to Idahoans Against Agenda 21.
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