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Derek Chauvin Found Guilty in George Floyd Death – Police Found to Have Lost the War on Drugs

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For many years, those of us who are libertarians have been complaining about the war on drugs. As usual, in George Floyd’s death, the Republicans and the Democrats have missed the big picture, failed to see the problem, and bickered and fought over the detail.  They’ve basically fiddled while Rome Burns.

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I had already written an article on my prediction of this verdict back on March 5 and the trial show now confirms what I wrote then. However, even though Derek Chauvin has been found guilty, the people who wanted that outcome should hardly claim justice has been served. If the only way to get your way is to threaten to loot and burn the city, it can hardly be claimed as a victory.

As I said in my other article, the system needs to be fair or everyone suffers. Just because it is the police’s turn to suffer does not mean anything will get better. In fact, I expect things will only get worse. I think the war on drugs needs to end. The police need to only do a few things, and do them fairly, honestly, and well. Following the Constitution would be a good way to do that, but both sides have politicized the Constitution so much that it has not been followed in decades.

Let me be clear, personally I do not smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs, legal or illegal. I could probably be called a health nut. I like my food organic. Even though I live that way, and believe other people would be happier if they did too, I have no desire to have the police force them to live that way. If people cannot look at my life and see the benefit in it, then the force of the police would only be harmful, and it has been harmful. At this time, the police are hated and despised by a lot of people. I cannot help but think that all the times SWAT shot up the wrong house on a drug raid, and then refused to apologize for having the wrong address may have had something to do with the bad feelings from some of the public.

Filling the prisons with people that smoked some weed may get the police loved by some Republicans, or some Democrat District Attorneys, but it is also going to get the police hated by a lot of other people. There is your problem. Huge amounts of people are addicted to narcotics from Big Pharma and all the government does is make Big Pharma even richer by free advertising for vaccines and becoming their business partner instead of their regulator. Our legal system is a joke, and my police friends being nice to me is meaningless to the people who live in the drug wrecked neighborhoods.

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The drug war has been great for police budgets and drug gangs. They both could hire the same lobbyists to keep drugs illegal, expensive and profitable. I have never heard of anyone being killed over a bale of hay, but because drugs are illegal, they are profitable… even for Big Pharma.

The Church needs to deal with people’s desire to use drugs instead of asking the police to put a gun to drug user’s heads. The government needs to stop endlessly bickering amongst itself. I am as disappointed in the Republicans as I am with the Democrats. Both of them have allowed drugs to endlessly pour across the border. Both of them have made it a crime to use those drugs once the drugs get here. Both of them have militarized the police to have a war on drugs.

Be honest, does anyone really believe that was the first time Derek Chauvin acted that way? All in the city government parade around saying surprise, surprise, never thought a guy they trained to break down doors and shoot automatic weapons in a war about how drugs our government allows in the country are used once they are here would ever kill someone while using the violence they trained him to use. Derek Chauvin was acting the way the government taught him to act. Unfortunately, so was George Floyd.

George Floyd was strung out on drugs. Be honest, does anyone really believe that it was a guarantee that George Floyd could not have all of a sudden become violent? He had been violent before. Why should we believe he would be peaceful while he was strung out on drugs? The government school system, the government welfare system, and the gangbanger glorifying media culture taught George Floyd to be the way he was.

I understand the personal responsibility argument, but it is hard to know another way when you are stuck in that lifestyle. Whenever I help at a homeless shelter, it always grabs me when I see the look of despair in someone’s eyes. I am so grateful God helped me to give up a bad lifestyle. I know what it is like to stand in a bar and hold a glass of whiskey. I guarantee you it never made me as happy as standing in church holding my Bible. Sadly, everyone is to blame for all this. All of us, Democrat, Republican, drug dealer, law enforcement and all us first responders. We know what the drug war is doing. We let it go on. We tolerate nonsense sham arguments that drugs can pour over the borders, but then be illegal once they get here. We accept SWAT shooting up houses in the name of a war on drugs.

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The same woke leftists who complain about the police being too violent are also the same people wanting that same police to taser people for not wearing masks or social distance. They scream about tolerance and then act like Nazis when someone does not wear a mask. How do you expect the police to just turn that behavior on and off like a light switch? The Nazis were always screaming about the “Dirty Jews.” The Nazis said the “Dirty Jews” would infect the rest of the population. That is why the German people allowed the Nazis to put the Jews into concentration camps. They were then what COVID cowards are today, stupid people, suckered by their government, the same government those people allowed to be untruthful. The Nazis thought they were the master race, just as the woke people think wearing a useless mask makes them superior.

Frankly, the only thing I think the police can do is quit. You cannot enforce unjust laws justly. Our government is insane. A lot of our fellow citizens are insane. Until people come to their senses, it may need to be every person for themselves. The courts have been corrupt for years and just because someone occasionally gets the outcome they want does not prove the courts are fair. I could not, with a clean conscious, arrest someone and think they would get a fair trial. If people cannot get a fair trial, and a cop cannot know for sure everyone who is guilty or innocent, then the police may be putting innocent people in jail. This is why the only thing I think the police can do is quit. If the police are willing to put innocent people in prison, then they themselves may end up in prison. If the police do find themselves in prison, they will have had plenty of warning.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media.  Article by Steve Richards

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