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Disbarment Charges Are Filed Against Baltimore State Attorney Mosby (Video)

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Expect to hear the race baiters yelling, “She’s innocent until proven guilty…” Hmmmm. I wonder if they’ll mean “innocent until proven guilty” the way the officers were? Should there be a press conference held before it goes before the Maryland Bar Association with someone shouting:

“This is your moment… this is your time…”

What? That wouldn’t be fair? Marilyn Mosby is a racist, a despicable human being, and a disgrace to the legal profession. To hear that a Georgetown professor has filed charges that Mosby be disbarred comes as welcome news.

While I do not practice law, I do have a law degree, and I would have enjoyed being a fly on the wall in any first year Criminal Law class around the country when the Prosecutor Mosby [cough] held a press conference to say:

“….To the youth of this city: I will seek justice on your behalf. This is a moment, this is your moment. Let’s ensure that we have peaceful and productive rallies that will develop structural and systemic changes for generations to come. You’re at the forefront of this cause. And as young people, our time is now.”

What? Are you kidding? There’s an old saying in the legal profession, and it’s a shame for Mrs. Mosby she apparently has never heard it. It’s a phrase not coined by