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Disgraced Obama Attorney General Eric Holder Calls For Packing Supreme Court

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Former Attorney General Eric Holder has a fever and the only cure is packing more justices on the Supreme Court to tilt it Dem.

Is it going to happen?

I would love to dismiss it as just a crazy idea pushed by assorted Obama officials. Like illegal alien amnesty by executive order or socialized medicine through reconciliation. Or eavesdropping on the opposing party using the fiction of national security.

In other words, probably yes.

The GOP has been successful in shifting the judicial balance of power. But it made the same mistake that Republicans always do in assuming that it had won by the rules, and that the Dems will just recognize that. And that’s not happening.

Democrat judges have become much more aggressive in response. And if a Dem gets into the White House, an aggressive campaign will start for packing the court in the name of diversity. The media will push it and embrace it. Whether or not it will happen largely depends on the Senate. If it does, it will destroy the legitimacy of the Supreme Court and the judiciary.

And bring us that much closer to a conflict.

In other words, hope and change. Also forward!

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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