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Doctor’s 1889 Book Examined 50 Years Of Vaccines & Determined They Were “Proved Useless & Dangerous” – Read It For Free Here

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I came across a short 52-page book today from 1889.  The title of the book is Vaccination:  Proved Useless & Dangerous – From Forty-Five Years Of Registration Statistics by Dr. Alfred R. Wallace, LL.D.  Wallace took the previous 50 years of recorded information regrading vaccines and came to a startling conclusion and it doesn’t seem that much has changed more than 100 years later.

Specifically, Wallace dealt with small-pox mortality and vaccination.

“Having been led to enquire for myself as to the effects of Vaccination in preventing or diminishing Small-pox, I have arrived at results as unexpected as they appear to me to be conclusive,” Wallace wrote.  “The question is one which affects our personal liberty as well as the health and even the lives of thousands; it therefore becomes a duty to endeavor to make the truth known to all, and especially to those who, on the faith of false or misleading statements, have enforced the practice of vaccination by penal laws.”

Wow!  Here’s a man with integrity and who believes that it is dangerous and unlawful to punish those who refuse to take these deadly poisons into their bodies.

In taking the “only official statistics” available at the time, Wallace points out four things in his book:

1. That during the forty-five years of the Registration of deaths and their causes, Small-pox mortality has very slightly diminished, while an exceedingly severe Small-pox epidemic occurred within the last twelve years of the period.

2. That there is no evidence to show that the slight decrease of Small-pox mortality is due to vaccination.

3. That the severity of Small-pox as a disease has not been mitigated by vaccination.

4. The several inoculable diseases have increased to an alarming extent coincidently with enforce vaccination. (Emphasis mine)

Have a quick read and share this with your friends.  Nothing has changed.  It’s all smoke and mirrors and illegitimate claims of “safe and effective.”

Every media outlet, every doctor, nurse, talking head, politician and scientist who tells you otherwise is lying through their teeth.  They have committed fraud against the People of the world and should be held to account for their deceptive and dangerous practices and poisons.

You can also purchase a hard copy of the book here.

Vaccination Proved Useless … by Tim Brown

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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