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Domino Effect: Brexit Will Trigger More Referendums and “The EU Will Crumble to Pieces”

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The decision by British voters to exit the European Union will devastating and lasting effects on the European Union.

The rising tide of nationalism in the UK will trigger other member states to demand their own referendums, and many observers believe it will be enough to break apart the EU altogether within just a few short years.

According to the Daily Mail:

A group of European MEPs warned that last night’s astonishing Brexit vote will cause the EU to ‘crumble to pieces’ within the next five years.

Their statement came as Britain voted to leave the EU, contrary to all projections by pollsters, to the bewilderment of the Eurocrats in Brussels.

‘This is the beginning of the end for the EU,’ Peter Lundgren, an MEP from the far-Right Sweden Democrat party, told MailOnline. ‘So many other countries will follow the UK. Europe will fall.’

The Eurosceptic MEPs from Sweden, Germany, Italy and France said a number of governments will now be under intense pressure to hold referendums of their own, and try to renegotiate their own individual deals.

This, they said, will lead to a ‘domino effect’ in the wake of Britain’s trailblazing and unprecedented decision to leave the EU.

‘It’s just a matter of time,’ Lundgren said. ‘Britain has set a precedent. Other member states will follow and the whole thing will fall apart. It will happen very soon.’

And they can hardly be to blame. The European Union has been disastrously totalitarian and economically unstable.

‘Our support is growing all over Europe,’ Lundgren said. ‘The EU cannot survive. It is too undemocratic, corruption is too high, the Eurocrats’ ambition is too much, there is too much money in the gravy train.

‘It makes ordinary people raving mad. People are gradually realising what’s going on. Britain has now started the process, and Europe will be fully dismantled by another country.’

Economics has weighed heavily on the “Euroskeptic” trend.

Though a huge portion of the EU population were against it, and many member states tried to resist it, the European Central Bank forced the bloc into several rounds of heavy-handed ‘rescues’ for Greece – at the expense of sovereignty and European wallets everywhere.

Despite the solution to the crises, the larger economic problems have continued to spread to other EU countries, and power has sharply concentrated in the hands of unelected EU bureaucrats and central bankers.

But it has been the migrant crisis and the waves of terrorists attacks, rapes and other unsettling events – which the EU seemed to welcome, or at least be unable to curb, which has driven the anti-EU mentality into a crystalized movement to exit and regroup under more sovereign conditions where borders and native populations can be protected, rather than sacrificed.

As the Daily Mail reports, calls for referendums to exit the EU are already swelling in Italy, France, Sweden, Germany and other member states – and the migrant crisis created a vacuum that this momentum is quickly filling:

Italy, Holland, Austria and other countries also have significant Eurosceptic followings, forming a wave of cynicism towards the EU and its cosseted elites.

Jeppe Koford, a mainstream Danish politician … said: ‘It’s not the UK referendum that could make Europe fall apart. It’s the lack of solutions to problems, whether its low wages, high unemployment or the terrorist threat,’ he said.

‘These are the main drivers of disintegration, if we’re not strong enough.’

[…][…] Marco Zanni, an Italian MEP from the Five Star movement … told MailOnline that the EU is facing ‘three crises at once’: the economic crisis, which has seen a bailout of Greece and deleterious growth across southern European countries; the migration crisis, which has caused the de facto suspension of the Schengen in, arrangement; and the security crisis, in which major attacks in Brussels and Paris have claimed hundreds of lives.


‘Italians are already agitating for a referendum. Last year, two hundred thousand Italians signed a petition demanding a referendum on our membership of the Euro, but it wasn’t granted.

‘There will be too much tension to hold the EU together. ‘It will collapse within the next 10 years.’

It is for very similar reasons that Donald Trump appears poised to sweep into the Oval Office – on a wave of populist indignation at the scope of globalist tyranny that has put American and European interests, respectively, in the backseat.

What do you think will happen in the long term?

Article reposted with permission from SHTF Plan. Article by Mac Slavo.

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