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Donald Trump: Soros’ Useful Idiot or Agent Provocateur?

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Black Lives Matter protestors are threatening massive riots across the country if Donald Trump is elected president. Donald Trump’s brazen language and total disregard for political correctness is on one hand earning him massive support, and on the other, enraging certain political groups. It is no secret that groups like Black Lives Matter are being funded by George Soros’ radical leftist organizations such as moveon.org. These are the same people that funded the protests in Ferguson and Baltimore in a deliberate attempt to stir up social unrest. In the case of Donald Trump, the goal is to make his heated language towards immigration appear to the nation as intolerant and hateful. It is hoped that the massive rioting will cause a fundamental shift in consciousness to the left; this is how social change works. Unfortunately, nothing in this country is as it seems and truthfully, the left has no problem having you believe that they are funding these protests on purpose because that is part of smoke and screen sideshow created to keep you from knowing what to believe.

There is a process of undermining the nations morality called “Ideological Subversion,” and it is intended to do exactly that; keep people misinformed to the point that they have no idea how to defend  their principles. It is a tactic developed by the KGB in the old Soviet Union with the purpose of deliberately undermining America’s morality.  Former KGB agent Yori Bezmenov describes it best:

To change the perception of reality of every American to such an extent that despite the abundance of information, no one is able to come to sensible conclusions in the interest of defending themselves, their families, their community and their country.

The entire presidential race is a big theatrical production designed to keep the nation glued to the television. Misinformation is being disseminated on purpose in order to keep us divided and keep us from knowing the truth. Did Donald Trump donate to the Clinton’s? Was he once a Democrat? Did he publicly support socialized medicine? Who knows anymore, but these are the issues that are keeping the Republican Party from uniting at the grassroots level against the left. Everything else is a sideshow designed to shift the consciousness of the nation towards collectivism and discredit the conservative movement. The protests, the mass move against Trump by the Republican establishment and the creation of another “cult of personality” are all a carefully contrived illusion to keep you focused on what they say you should focus on. Reality is entirely different.

What if Donald Trump was an agent provocateur? As crazy as it sounds, there is evidence he actually donated to organizations dedicated to leftist causes that are funded by George Soros. Jen Kuznicki, writing for The Conservative Review, points out that Trump donated to a Soros funded project called dosomething.org, which is dedicated to teaching youth political correctness. She also writes that Trump owes Soros 160 million dollars for a bailout over the building of the Trump Tower in Chicago.  If this is true, then Donald Trump is either a useful idiot of George Soros, cooperatively working with him to stage riots to repay his debt, or, he has been in on the fundamental transformation of our nation the whole time and we are the useful idiots.

While Trump has contributed to both Democrats and Republicans, most of his campaign contributions go to Democrats. In fact, one of the biggest recipients of Trump Money is Harry Reid. Reid received this money is his campaign against Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle. Trump also donated to Nancy Pelosi. The Democrat Senatorial Campaign Committee, has by far, been the biggest recipient of Trump donations. How could Trump be running as a conservative when he donated money to an individual that conservatives consider to be one of the biggest enemies of the Constitution, Harry Reid, against a conservative candidate? The answer is obvious, he is not a conservative; he is an agent of social change, working with the left to undermine the morality of the nation.

Whether you agree with this conclusion or not may be irrelevant because there is no denying that this country took a massive left turn. Even with Trump as president America, will never look the same again; and ultimately, incremental change, through undermining the ideological makeup of the country, is a goal the left has accomplished. Conservatives will accept a Donald Trump presidency because they are desperate to be rid of Obama and they would rather settle for him as opposed to Hillary Clinton. The only problem is that desperation has been implanted so deep in the psyche that no one can see that Donald Trump may, in fact, be Hillary Clinton.

Article reposted with permission from Propaganda.news.

Article by David Risselada.

The Washington Standard

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