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How To Drain The Swamp In Three Simple Steps

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Wanna drain the swamp?

I mean really drain the swamp.

Starting right now.

Contrary to popular opinion, it can be done.

Yes, really.

Here are three simple (not to be confused with “easy” or “small”) guaranteed-to-work steps:

  1. Take self government seriously. Strive to know and submit to the loving, life-giving and culture-defining Word of God in every beautiful detail. Stop coveting the property of others and stealing it through the coercive power of the State (through taxation) in order to fund programs and systems designed to further program and enslave the culture.
    Stop letting the American State “help”  in ways that God has commanded us to help ourselves (and others) voluntarily…which, again, stands in direct contrast to the compulsion, coercion, and force at the core of all State-managed, counterfeit approaches to “help” and “charity”.
    Stop wallowing in immaturity. Stop living selfishly. Start pursuing depth of understanding and obedience to God’s Word as to what is required in order to be a truly free adult man or woman in His creation.
  2. Take family government seriously. Honor and apply the Word of God where the roles, responsibilities, and limitations of the God-created, God-defined institution of family are concerned. Stop allowing the State to insert itself into areas of life that God has reserved to other spheres of government.
    Get kids out of public schools. End public schools. End the State-run approach to culture programming through children’s education using a philosophy of education lifted directly from the serpent’s tongue in Eden (as recorded in Genesis 3).
  3. Take church government seriously. Preach and apply the lordship of Christ in every realm of His creation. This is what the true Gospel requires. Every Christian in every local church has been commanded and equipped by God to strive (and encourage others to strive) toward more knowledge of God’s Nature as reflected in His Word so that we can reflect that knowledge more accurately in the way we interact with (and thereby shape) every realm and area of life. We are to take every thought captive to Christ (2 Corinthians 10:5), thereby taking every action captive to Christ. And “every thought” means exactly what it says – every political thought, every artistic thought, every business thought, every educational thought, every legal thought, and every other kind of thought.
    This is what the true Gospel commands (in contrast to the “little lordship” counterfeit gospel pimped and promoted even in most “conservative” churches these days).
    This is the worldview that fuels the Great Commission (see: Matthew 28:18-20).
    When the church takes its responsibility to the Gospel-fueled Great Commission seriously, it will take back vast swaths of culture and life that have long been surrendered to State and Swamp. When church leadership leads biblically, rather than in accordance with a 501 (c)(3) mentality befitting of State-licensed practitioners of dead religion, we will see the swamp drained, the State recede, and true liberty bloom.

When self government, family government, and church government are embraced as presented in Scripture, civil government will inherently shrink back into the tiny little box within which God designed it to operate.

That said, it’s important for us to remember that the State will not recede apart from our pursuit and practice of self government, family government, and church government. Furthermore, the State will not recede prior to our pursuit and practice of self government, family government, and church government.

We cannot wait for the State to shrink before we pursue true maturity and adulthood. If we wait for the State to “allow” or “assist” us in such pursuits before we make them our mission in practice as individuals, families, and churches, we will never even begin to get off the ground. The State is not in the business of helping us to true freedom. The State is in the business of preserving and expanding its power over us by fostering ever-increasing levels of dependence.

When we become strong, mature adults, families, and churches in accordance with God’s Word, we will no longer be dependent on the American Corporate-State…which is precisely why the American Corporate-State works tirelessly at every turn against the pursuit of such adulthood and maturity.

It wants us to be children.

Its children.

Its dependents.

The Corporate-State wants to be our mommy, daddy, teacher, priest, and provider.

When – and only when – we take those roles back – completely back – from the State in accordance with Scripture, we will be free. Truly free.

And the swamp will then drain.


Article reposted with permission from Fire Breathing Christian

The Washington Standard

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