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Epigeneticist Dr. Alexandra Henrion-Caude Discusses Aspects Of CONvid-1984 & mRNA Technology (Video)

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It is now almost August 2021 and the world is no closer to having an end to the CONvid-1984 propaganda fear campaign than when this started in December 2019. Why? According to epigenetics expert Dr. Alexandra Henrion-Caude, it is because scientists were denied the ability to confront the official narrative using long standing standard medical/scientific terminology that changed with the onset of the CONvid-1984 propaganda fear campaign. In her initial interview, Dr. Henrion-Caude discusses the change in terminology, masks, social distancing, “house arrest” of everyone instead of quarantining only the sick, the lack of acknowledgement of treatments physicians found that worked, along with the denial of those treatments by those in government, the use of the ineffective RT-PCR test, and other issues covering the scam-demic.

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Listen to what she states regarding all of this in her interview carried by PlanetLockdown on Rumble.

What Dr. Henrion-Caude is saying is what many medical professionals, scientists, nurses, investigative medical journalist and those here at Sons of Liberty Media have been saying from the beginning. In fact, medical terminology does not change on a whim or for light and transient reasons. Taber’s Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, 1986 edition, contains the standardized definitions that medical professionals have used for decades. It was only with this CONvid-1984 that many definitions were changed on a whim causing scientists and some medical professionals difficulty communicating about the anything surrounding the illness dubbed COVID-19 and the supposed microorganism causing it.

In her follow-up interview, Dr. Henrion-Caude gives us all a lesson in mRNA, what the pharmaceutical companies developing these injections did to “synthesize” mRNA, and what the ramifications of this new technology produces.

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This last interview is truly eye-opening for those who are still not awake or who are just emerging from the propaganda sleep with some “fog” remaining. Much of what Dr. Henrion-Caude is saying has been said before; however, her approach of describing the process of how one amino acid out of the four that combine to create a strand of mRNA was replaced with a synthetic that no one knows the response or outcome is something that has not been explained so thoroughly. Couple this with the new revelations regarding the excipients containing graphene oxide and/or SM-102, people are truly playing Russian Roulette with a six-shooter containing five rounds. Moreover, being that this injection remains in the experimental phase, a health official in the United Kingdom indicated there were indeed individuals receiving placebos when he stated that those who received placebos would also receive “vaccine” passports, “allowing” those to have privileges that were before known as rights.

Those professionals and investigative journalists who have been working diligently to bring information to the people have been vindicated in their discoveries repeatedly by numerous experts, scientists and medical researchers. International organizations like the World Health Organization, and national organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control, the National Institute of Health, and the Food and Drug Administration have deliberately hidden the truth, lied to the people, promoted unsafe, ineffective, dangerous treatments in the form of injections that are experimental, denied effective treatment to those sick, promoted ineffective useless non-pharmaceutical interventions, and encouraged economic devastation of individuals and the nations through obfuscation, whimsical changing of terminology, and the use of fear porn, propaganda, shame, guilt, and cruelty.

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What is being done and has been done is nothing less than a crime against humanity. All participants should be held to account for a charges no less than what was levied at the medical community of the Nazi regime at the Nuremberg trials.

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Suzanne Hamner

Suzanne Hamner (pen name) is a registered nurse, grandmother of 4, and a political independent residing in the state of Georgia, who is trying to mobilize the Christian community in her area to stand up and speak out against tyrannical government, invasion by totalitarian political systems masquerading as religion and get back to the basics of education.
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