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Europeans Are Fighting Back Against Muslim Invaders And Beating Them To Pieces In The Streets With Their Bare Hands

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Europeans are sick and tired of Muslims. They are sick and tired of Islam. No matter what they have done, no matter how much food and kind treatment these Muslims have received, all the Europeans have gotten in return was rape, robbery, and violence. With the police refusing to help them and their own governments against them, the people are taking matters into their own hands and giving the Muslims the only thing they have left- street justice.

In Germany, a gang of 80 angry Germans swarmed upon and attacked a group of Muslims that had been harassing the locals while screaming “We are the people!”:

In Greece, riots began as angry Greek protesters sick of attacks from Muslims took out their frustrations in public:

It is a great thing to watch the Europeans stand up and start to fight against these Muslims.

However, a word of caution: Who is doing the fighting?

For the Germany riots, it is not as sure because anybody who opposes the extreme leftist view which define “appropriate” social and political views in Germany is immediately labeled a “Nazi.” However, the Greek one is clearer, since that protest was organized by Xristi Avgi, better known as Golden Dawn, which has ties to National Socialism.

Notice also another fundamental question- with the exception of Eastern Europe (Poland, Slovakia, Russia, etc.), where are the Christians? Where is the Church? With certain notable exceptions, these movements are dominated by extreme nationalist movements who define themselves in terms of racial and ethnic solidary and, while eschewing Christianity and even sometimes holding an unspoken disdain for it, all seem to readily embrace different forms of pagan ideas and teachings.

If this pattern sounds familiar, it is because it has happened before. This is what happened to Europe in the Second World War, where Germany, having become secular and abandoned its Christian past, was weak and through the occult societies, such as the Thule Society, developed neo-pagan religious ideas which formed the basis for National Socialism. In Germany apostate turned occultist Heinrich Himmler was involved deeply in the philosophical and as this pro-National Socialist article points out, religious formation of the movement.

From what has been said about the characteristic qualities of the SS man, it will be clear that SS transcends the plane of a merely political body, realizing that of an Order in the ancient sense: and it is explicitly recognized that without the premise of a religiosity, of a purely spiritual point of reference, the aforementioned values of loyalty, honor, truth, and so on would be reduced to empty phrases and the unity of an Order bound by oath would be impossible. Hence, there is a third aspect of the SS, the spiritual one properly speaking.

In a brochure entitled: “Fifty Questions and Answers for the SS Man,” after considering the wording of the solemn oath of loyalty and obedience, one asks, “Do you believe in a God, then?” — The answer is: “Yes, I believe in a sovereign God, and I consider the non-believer to be conceited, stupid, and unfit for us.” What is of interest here is less this generic profession of faith — made particularly vague out of respect for all religious faiths that do not interfere with politics — than the attempt to reawaken a precise form of spirituality, linked to the Nordic and, more generally Indo-Germanic tradition, endowing the SS with the character of a “shock troop of the National Socialist world view” — weltanschauliche Stosstrupp (Heydrich). (source)

This is the growing danger which has come to characterize the “alt-right” movement, and is also the reason why not only is there a war coming with Islam to Western Europe, but why Western Europe may lose to the Muslims. No other religion, no philosophy, no ideology, no political system can save Europe. Only Jesus can save. He has saved Western Europe before and He can and will save Western Europe again. All Europe has to do is ask Him and listen to Him.

As much as it is good that Europeans stand up to the Muslims. However, all of these battles are more than against mere men. This is a struggle for the soul of Europe, the Europeans, and ultimately the Muslims too, for as much as the Muslims are doing the devil’s work in the devil’s religion, all Christians have as much an obligation to fight against the Muslims as we do to pray for them and work for their salvation. For all the good that these nationalist groups do, their end is the same as all the other pagans of old, and that is another massacre just like what happened in World War II.

I am reminded of Bl. Marco Aviano, a Catholic monk who directly helped to organize the fighting at the Battle of Vienna on September 11th, 1683. Bl. Marco not only fought in battle, but after the battle he ordered and saw to it that no Muslims captured were to be tortured or abused, but that the captured were to be fed and safely returned to Ottoman territory.

Just like in Biblical times, this battle is the Lord’s, and His way is the only way to victory.

Article posted with permission from Shoebat.com.  Article by Andrew Bieszad.

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