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Evil Dead: The Globalist Edition

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An event occurred over the last month which should be noted by everyone on the planet, for everyone on the planet will likely be touched, in one way or another, by the work of the man who is the subject of said event. I’m referencing the death of billionaire-globalist and founder of the modern UN “green” movement Maurice Strong.

I’m not one who particularly rejoices when someone dies. Unlike the many globalists who worship one form of “death cult” or another, I believe in God’s redeeming power; and I hold out hope that even the most corrupt heart can be turned towards salvation. That being said, I am delighted that there is one less wicked globalist to fight in the battle for our future and the future of our children, with the death of Maurice Strong.

A case could be made that Maurice Strong was a “globalist’s globalist,” as his work literally laid the foundation for UN Agenda 21 and all of the ancillary programs associated with its implementation. Truly, it could be said that those who wish to rule over us have been greatly aided by the work of Maurice Strong and his minions.

This article is not meant as a tribute to Maurice Strong, for I believe that he hated humanity and strove to fulfill his own evil lusts. On the contrary, I penned this to remind the readers that these globalists, despite their money, fame, and influence, are flesh and blood like the rest of us, and they CAN BE DEFEATED.

A victim of the same fate that awaits us all, Maurice Strong has reached the end-of-the-line in this life and has now moved on to “meet his maker.” Sadly, he actually tried to impersonate the very maker he will be meeting, a fact that will not bode well for Mr. Strong come judgement time. Now that the man is dead, let’s all re-double our efforts to kill his ideas as well, for our future literally hangs in the balance.

*Article by Jim White

The Washington Standard

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