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Facebook Now Blocking “Gosnell” Movie Ads – Labels Them “Political Speech”

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Now, Facebook wouldn’t be caught dead doing this to a pro-abortion film, or a pro-sodomy film or a pro-Communist or pro-Nazi film, would they?  Nope, but when you make a film that not even Hollywood wanted to touch that tells a true story about a serial killer, which is what abortion doctors are, then you have to raise the money yourself to make the movie and you have to fight with the mental midgets at Facebook to even try and get ads for the movie out to the public at large.  Facebook is now not only blocking ads for the film Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killerwhich is currently in theaters, but is also labeling mention of the movie on its social platform as “political speech.”

The movie is the shocking true story of the investigation and trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell – his 30 year killing spree of hundreds of newborns and the manslaughter of patient Karnamaya Mongar and the political and media establishment that tried to cover it up. Originally investigated for illegal prescription drug sales, a raid by DEA, FBI & local law enforcement revealed crimes they could not have expected within the clinic.

The film was based on the New York Times bestseller Gosnell: The Untold Story of America’s Most Prolific Serial Killer and was written by producers Ann McElhinney and Phelim McAleer.

According to Calvin Freiburger, “The film is based heavily on the grand jury report, as well as extensive prison interviews with Gosnell himself and consultation with Assistant District Attorney Christine Wechsler and Detective James Wood, key players in the case.”

In a review of the film, JD Mullane writes, “The film rightly calls out Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Ridge, a pro-choice Republican, who was Gosnell’s biggest enabler, and who still hasn’t answered for it. Ridge’s administration ordered state health inspectors to halt inspections of Pennsylvania abortion clinics, because it would force some to close. Under Ridge, nail salons were more strictly policed than abortion clinics.”

Is anyone surprised by that?  Ridge became Homeland Security Secretary under George W. Bush.

The fact that even Planned Parenthood would defend Kermit Gosnell and his heinous crimes to the point of pressuring one venue to cancel screening the film is a testament to just how diabolical that organization is.

Heres the trailer of the movie, starring Dean Cain, Sarah Jane Morris, and Earl Billings.

Though the film has earned a 99% audience score from Rotten Tomatoes users and received praise from pro-life and conservative reviewers, most people have probably not even heard of the film, and that’s due in part to the fact that the mainstream media doesn’t want to touch it nor does outlets like Facebook because it touches on their sacred cow:  Molech worship, the murder of children.

What’s interesting is that Dean Cain refers to himself as “pro-choice,” and he buys into the line that women can just do whatever they want with their own bodies but never quite addresses the other body that is being beheading, dismembered or burned alive inside them.

Take a look at his interview with Tucker Carlson.

McAleer said that attempts to pay Facebook for boosts of posts that promote the movie were all rejected, and another post was censored that contained the interview above.

“The establishment hates that the truth is getting out there,” McAleer said. “It seems they don’t even like Superman. No one is safe from censorship at this rate.”

Like the rest of us, when Facebook accuses you of something, they are accountable to no one and they are super vague on that of which they accuse you.  The same was true for McAleer.

“They simply state it’s not been approved and to check their standards, but it does not give you a specific reason why this post could be not be promoted at all to a wider audience,” McAleer said.  “It’s clear it is the pro-life audience that they don’t want to encourage or provide content to. They really hate anyone who doesn’t subscribe to the liberal world view. They hate diversity of thought.”

McAleer added:

Facebook is censoring this story and destroying our attempts to get the news about this film out to the public.  Facebook is essentially silencing these children and women whom Gosnell murdered. This is content journalists should be covering but Facebook is putting their thumb on the scale because they do not like the content. Audiences want to see this content and we’re willing to pay for the advertising but again they are demonstrating their bias against a true crime story. As independent filmmakers, we have a limited budget and Facebook was a mainstay of our outreach efforts.

Facebook is true fascism, but you’ll never get the eggheads in Antifa to understand that.  They take government money and they engage in Nazi-style censorship.

This is not an issue of Community Standards or Terms of Service for Facebook, it’s political censorship, plain and simple.

Liberty University English professor Karen Swallow Prior reviewed the movie at the CIA-tied Washington Post on Tuesday.  She wrote:

“Gosnell” is not a high-quality film. It’s on par with a made-for-television true crime drama (the genre it adheres to closely in structuring the plot around the trial). Yet the film is impressive solely for making it this far. It was funded through crowdsourcing, reportedly having to overcome resistance by actors, distributors and advertisers along the way.

It’s an honest film in two senses. First, it follows the documented facts of the case fairly faithfully (if inartistically). Second, the screenplay was written by two painstaking foreign journalists, Phelim McAleer and Ann McElhinney, who covered the trial when few other American media outlets bothered to do so. In the book upon which the film is based, McElhinney writes that before covering this case, she had always dismissed the images and characterizations of abortion given by antiabortion advocates as mere propaganda. She doesn’t believe that anymore. “Abortion arguments from pro-abortion advocates tend to avoid any actual talk of how an abortion is done and what it actually is that is being aborted.” The evidence from the trial “changed me,” McElhinney writes.

Yet this film doesn’t focus primarily on whether abortion is right or wrong, but more so takes aim at the conditions in the clinic and the reasons Gosnell’s crimes were ignored.

Like the film “Spotlight,” which looked at institutional coverup in the Catholic Church, “Gosnell” is about abuses of institutions and policies, abuses that too many turned a blind eye to for too long.

What’s amazing is that people are horrified at what Gosnell did to those newborn babies, but they don’t realize that is occurring thousands of times everyday while that precious human life is still inside its mother.  Oh, the hypocrisy of some people!

Finally, according to LifeSiteNews, “Gosnell grossed $1,235,800 over its opening weekend, making it the most successful independent film, fourth most successful new release last weekend, and 12th overall at the box office.”

Interested in seeing the film?  Click here to find out where it is playing and support it.  Additionally, share this article over social media and on the net anywhere you can.  If enough people are willing to simply do that, the word will get out and expose the abortion industry for what it is: a baby murder mill.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

Tim Brown

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