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FBI Confirms Ghislaine Maxwell & Others Under Investigation For Epstein Ties

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In a normal world, this would be considered good news.  However, given the past couple of decades of the FBI dropping the ball on pretty significant cases, especially those in which the upper echelons of those in power at the FBI scrubbed counter-terrorism training and suspiciously covered up crimes or were negligent in them taking place, one wonders what will come of this.  Yet, reports have been issued stating that sources inside the FBI confirmed that the bureau is investigating Ghislaine Maxwell, whose father was an Israeli Mosaad operative, as well as several other unnamed persons for their ties and possible enabling of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s recruiting and exploitation of underage girls, some of which may have been used as honey pots for the purpose of blackmail.

The report comes by way of Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge.

Sources inside the FBI have reportedly confirmed that the bureau is investigating British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell and several other unnamed persons suspected of helping multimillionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein recruit and exploit underage girls.

Maxwell, who reportedly dated Epstein in the early 1990s before settling in to a close friendship with the millionaire, has been MIA since Epstein’s July arrest. Soon after, Epstein killed himself while awaiting trial in Manhattan’s Metropolitan Correctional Center.

Though this is the first time the FBI has confirmed that it’s actively investigating Maxwell, AG Bill Barr’s insistence that the case would focus on those who enabled or abetted Epstein led many to suspect that Maxwell would be the next logical target.

That’s because she has been accused in court filings of organizing a sex-trafficking ring that helped bring beautiful young girls to Epstein’s expansive Manhattan townhouse.

Back in 2003, Epstein told a reporter with Vanity Fair that Maxwell was his “best friend.”

Maxwell is the daughter of late British media magnate Robert Maxwell, who founded a publishing house and once owned a suit of tabloids, including the Daily Mirror.

It emerged after Robert Maxwell’s mysterious death in 1991 that he had looted hundreds of millions of dollars from employee pension funds to prop up his crumbling business empire.

We’ve covered this information before, of course, and a lot really came out in investigative journalist Dylan Howard‘s book Epstein: Dead Men Tell No Tales.  During a recent interview with Howard, he expounded on quite a bit of this.

Back in August, Kurt Nimmo asked where Ghislaine Maxwell had gone.

It now looks like that photo of Ghislaine Maxwell at a burger bar in California is a fake. It was allegedly taken by her close friend and lawyer, Leah Saffian. Metadata on the image file is tagged with “Meadowgate,” the media investment corporation where Saffian is president. At least one photo shows Ghislaine with Dexter, Saffian’s dog. 

What is the point of this photo, which was at first assumed to be legitimate? The answer is quite simple: Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein’s collaborator in serial rape of 14-year-old girls, is laughing at the so-called justice system. 

Here’s Maxwell’s subtext—she is protected, she will never see the inside of a prison cell for the unpardonable crime of making an unknown number of children sex slaves. The civil cases against her and the Epstein estate will fizzle out and go nowhere. She is thumbing her nose at the victims. She once referred to them as “nothing” and trailer park “trash.”   

Durden also questioned her whereabouts previously.

We have reported on several rumors regarding Maxwell’s whereabouts, including one claiming that she was living in a tech CEO friend’s multimillion-dollar oceanfront mansion.

But the CEO denied the reports and it’s unclear now whether Maxwell was ever there. But Maxwell’s friendship helped Epstein expand his circle of famous and powerful friends. She was his connection to Prince Andrew, who was snubbed by his own mother on Christmas thanks to the shame his involvement with Epstein has brought to the British royal family. Prince Andrew stepped down from public duties in November, and will likely live out the rest of his life in the shadows.

She also helped forge Epstein’s connection with the Clinton’s and was in attendance at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

Reuters’ sources within the bureau declined to name any other suspects who are being “looked at” in the Epstein case other than Maxwell. However, they did stipulate that they have no plans to interview Prince Andrew at this time – though that could change.

Virginia Giuffre (previously named Virginia Roberts), one of Epstein’s alleged victims, claimed in a civil lawsuit that Maxwell “recruited” her into Epstein’s orbit, where she was forced to have sex with Epstein and his powerful friends, including Prince Andrew.

Nimmo believes that Maxwell will simply fade into the background, and personally I don’t see why that is a far out assumption.  Note what he writes here:

After the news cycle leaves Epstein behind, Ghislaine Maxwell will resume her life as a British socialite. She’s a protected intelligence asset like her father—or he was until he stepped on the toes of the wrong people and ended up mysteriously dead. He swindled his employees out of their pension funds. After his death, Maxwell was celebrated in Israel as a national hero. 

According to Gordon Thomas, author of Gideon’s Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad, Robert Maxwell was owned by Israeli intelligence. 


“We never had any accountability for 9/11. We never had any accountability for the Kennedy assassination,” Kevin Barrett told Press TV. “We never had any accountability for Operation Gladio, which the Pentagon used to murder thousands of innocent people in Europe in false flag operations during the Cold War. We never had accountability in MKUltra when Americans were tortured to death by the CIA in mind control experiments.”

Ditto the Epstein case. It will fade into the sunset and those of us who know the truth—the elite corporate and financial class are responsible for murder, mayhem, and the rape of children and will never be held to account. Those who insist otherwise will be denounced as dangerous conspiracy theorists. 

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

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