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Feds Look to Own Your Children: Seek Home Visits and Consider Parents as “Equal Partners” with Feds in Raising Children

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No matter how old you are, parents remember the trials, errors and tribulations with parenting their firstborn. Babies do not come with an instruction manual. Figuring out the different crying sounds to signify hunger, discomfort, wet diaper, dirty diaper, and sleep is a triumph for many a parent. Some mothers would wake up upon any “sigh” or movement made by their new addition. With the second child, parents are more relaxed since the learning curve has been passed; however, the second child is different than the first.

What was never in doubt is that parents are responsible for the care and upbringing of their children. Between the good advice of seasoned grandparents and their own parents, a couple found their way in providing all aspects their child needed to function in society. Those days may be coming to a close as the federal government gears up to make parents a “partner” in raising children.

As reported by Infowars.com, “the federal government is seeking to create a new bureaucracy that would intervene in family life and could even see state-appointed monitors conduct routine home visits to assess a child’s well-being.” The draft document published by the US Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services outlines a plan that creates families as “equal partners” in raising children. Let that sink in for a bit.

The exact wording in the document reads,

“It is the position of the Departments that all early childhood programs and schools recognize families as equal partners in improving children’s development, learning and wellness across all settings, and over the course of their children’s developmental and educational experiences.”

What this is essentially accomplishing is the insertion of the government as the “primary” influence with early childhood programs and schools with parents being “given” an equal station. This is the plan whereby the government will intervene should parents fail to meet standards set by the government. It gives the “state” a way to constantly monitor children, parents and parenting, and development at school and at home, meaning the state will make “home visits” as part of the plan.

Remember, Obamacare has a “home visitation” clause in it where a “provider” comes out to assess the home for “additional medical needs a physician might not uncover during routine visits.” In other words, it is a way to insert the “state” into the home disguised as beneficiary under health care but truly there to glean information the government might need — firearms ownership, possible mental incapacitation or physical ability/disability.

This is reminiscent of some in the media who claim, “It is up to the community to raise children; the children belong to the community; and, children are part of a collective.”

According to Infowars.com:

The program bears the hallmarks of a controversial scheme in Scotland, set to take effect later this year, under which a “shadow parent” appointed by the government would monitor the upbringing of every child until the age of 18.

“The document argues that Big Brother needs to know about essentially everything, for the supposed benefit of the child it wants to “partner” in caring for,” writes Alex Newman. “Citing “research,” the policy statement claims that “the institutions where children learn cannot ignore family wellness if they want to … fulfill their mission to prepare children for school and academic success.” In other words, every aspect of family life is now fair game under the pretext of checking “family wellness.”

The document also extends the understanding of the word “family,” to include, “all the people who play a role in the child’s life,” a definition that could include not only teachers but government monitors.

Not only do parents have to worry about interference with parenting through government institutions, the federal government is pushing to oversee a program where doctors and pediatricians would routinely screen children over the age of 12 for depression and hand out prescriptions and/or treatment. The question arising from all of this is whether or not parents will have the “choice” in consenting to the treatment. In reviewing the information found in the journal, no reference to parental consent to treatment was found. References in the document indicated parents would have “choice” regarding type of treatment and referral for further evaluation if a negative screening occurred. However, there was no mention of parental consent or choice as needed to treat a child on a positive screening.

This move by these unconstitutional government agencies is outrageous, immoral, illegal and unlawful. Nowhere in the Constitution does it give the federal or state government any dominion over parenting or children. However, the government is attempting to exert itself as the primary controller of children while relegating parents to a secondary role claiming “equal partnership.” There is no equal partnership when it comes to rearing and educating children. God commands parents to teach and care for children. The government has no role or responsibility period. It’s strictly “hands off” to government where children are concerned.

Likewise, the Constitution carries no provision for the government to interject itself into the family life of any citizen whatsoever. The caring for and teaching of children by parents as commanded by God precedes any government or Constitution. The family life preceded government and the Constitution as well — where family interactions occurred through providing examples of good work ethics, morals, self-determination, responsibility and consequences of actions taken, education in the Laws of God, etc.

None of these “programs” are designed to “help” anyone or the children. Government is doing this strictly to enslave parents and remove children from their care. It is for the express purpose of enslaving children at an early age to indoctrinate them into the government mindset. How much easier would children be to control and accept this intrusion but through medication and “psychotherapy” treatment? This is evil at its core when a child is targeted for harm.

Since it is the united States government and its unconstitutional agencies seeking to perpetrate this immoral, illegal, unlawful and unconstitutional intrusion, it signals a great deal about this government. Take heed. It’s only going to get worse.

*Article by Suzanne Hamner

The Washington Standard

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