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Florida “Republicans” Are Apparently OK Supporting Pro-Baby Murder & Corrupt Sheriff

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As I continue to investigate the corruption in Lee County Florida, I have moved from the courtroom and corrupt judges and attorneys, which I will be writing more on in the coming days Lord willing, to Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno.  Marceno has perpetuated a fraud on the people of Lee County in blatant deception using the public website of the Lee County Sheriff’s office to bolster his appearance as man finishing his higher education in criminal justice.  Documents have also shown that he never qualified to even be a police officer in the state of Florida and miserably failed his equivalency exams, which he should have never been allowed to take in the first place, twice.  Marceno has even begged a former girlfriend, Deanna Williams, whom he impregnated after his unethical pursuit of her when she tried to report a grand theft of $200,000 by her attorney to the Lee County Sheriff’s office, to murder their unborn child so that he could pursue his “career,” which seems to be nothing short of photo ops and making much of dogs in the area.  I thought it a wise thing to point out just how many “Republicans” are supporting this “Republican.”

Let me say before I provide many names of people that support Sheriff Carmine Marceno despite the above documented, not alleged, incidents.  If these Republicans were doing what is right and calling out this man’s corruption and those in the Lee County judicial system and seeing that justice was administered, there would be few issues down in Lee County, but because these people who call themselves “the Right,” don’t do that but instead, support and give their time and money to support men like this, they are the problem.

The truth is that if they did the right thing, they would be eliminating the Left.  Going along to get along only strengthens the corruption and the tyranny.

The very first right a sheriff has to protect is the right to life, given to us by our Creator and listed first among our rights in the Declaration of Independence.  How can such a man uphold that right and then demand that his own child be slaughtered in the womb?  He can’t.

With that said, I have been informed that a handful of women on the list below, which is an invite to a meet and greet with Sheriff Marceno at the end of the month, were called out following a recent viewing of the movie “Unplanned” on April 6, 2018.  Following that movie, at a public event, these women were called out as “hypocrites” for supporting the film and yet, turning around and supporting a man who impregnated a woman who was not his wife and then encouraging her to murder their unborn child.


The event is scheduled for April 30, 2019, from 11:30 am to 1 pm at The Burroughs Home Pavilion, 2505 First Street, Fort Myers, FL 33901.  You can contact them at 239-337-9505.  Perhaps some real abortion abolitionists and those who want their government back might want to show up to protest the sheriff and his supporters.

As far as I can tell, no one on this list is vocally speaking out on him at this time.  So, I would safely assume that silence is complicity.

However, there are others.

The Washington Standard reached out to Mayor of Sanibel in Lee County Kevin Ruane to see why he supports Carmine for sheriff.  Ruane, who ironically is a Republican seeking the office of Lee County Commissioner, did not reply for a request to comment, but it’s clear that he puts his support behind Marceno.  More on those who have aided and abetted Sheriff Marceno garnering lucrative jobs at the LCSO, including a former FBI agent charged with investigating Marceno and former Sheriff Mike Scott and later corruption between Marceno and Scott.

Obviously, he supports the “really important” things that Marceno is doing in the county like this.

Glad to be part of Deputy Dogs at Bell Tower Shops – great turnout supporting a great cause – zero tolerance to animal cruelty

Posted by Kevin Ruane on Saturday, April 13, 2019

And give praise to people at fundraisers, including Sheriff Marceno.

Very humbled and honored to be at my third fundraiser and the reception from so many people has been a wonderful experience – thank you all

Posted by Kevin Ruane on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

But make no mistake, Ruane is supporting a man who calls himself a Republican, deceives the public about his education and his law enforcement history and then gets introduced by Sheriff Marceno.

Posted by Kevin Ruane on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Ruane also has supporters and I’ve checked with several residents of Lee County who have confirmed these people are also supporters of Sheriff Marceno.

Let’s also remember that though Governor DeSantis has distanced himself from Sheriff Marceno, he has remained silent about his actions, alleged threats against Deanna Williams, his fraud and his apparent felony in impersonating a police officer. FDLE has basically done the same and whitewashed what should be a clear ethics violation which resulted in a woman’s criminal complaint being completely dropped.

Let’s be clear, this is not being done by the Democrats. They have their own wicked problems of Socialism, Communism, Islam, sodomites, pedophiles and the rest. This is being perpetrated by the party that claims they are Christian and that they are pro-life and want accountability and justice.

It has been said, “For evil men to accomplish their purpose it is only necessary that good men should do nothing.”  I have a question, if you are good people in Lee County, how can you support this man with a clean conscience?

I’ve presented evidence of his desire to have his own child murdered through abortion.  He has perpetrated a fraud and lied about being on track to finish a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.  It appears he has committed a felony in the state of Florida many times over.  He has lied on applications to be a sheriff’s deputy.  He has told people that he was a former New York City Police Officer when he was not.

And yet, people like those above and more, continue to support this man, and you complain about corruption and criminals in government and law enforcement while you support it openly.  Hypocrites!

By the way, more documents and more corruption to be exposed until the media in the area start covering the story and stop making excuses.

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