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Former Fake News Employee Turned “Fact Checker” Covers For Democrat Edinburgh Mayor Richard Molina Accused Of Voter Fraud

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I received a notice from Facebook Tuesday informing me that another self-appointed “fact checker” rendered our reports that Edinburgh, Texas Mayor Richard Molina was not a Democrat and therefore, our story was not factual.  However, the “fact checker” is a former employee of the king of fake news, CNN, the least trusted name in news.  So, how do we know who Molina affiliates with politically?

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First, the Editor-in-chief, Alan Duke was formerly with CNN for 26 years, but now, he’s decided to try his hand at “fact checking.”

Clearly, he claimed, “Much of the story is true, except for the party affiliation in the headline and the first sentence,” as he referenced another story that listed Molina as a Democrat in the headline.

However, Duke provides his own distorted headline:  “Fake News: Democrat Mayor in Texas Border Town NOT Arrested for Voter Fraud Scheme.”  Yet, Duke never gives us Molina’s party affiliation.  He never tracks it down, nor logically distills it from clues we’ve been given in the media.

To make his point, he wrote:

Many small towns in the United States choose not to involve partisan politics in the operation of their city governments. Candidates don’t declare as Democrats or Republicans. This is a sample ballot of Edinburg’s mayoral election ballot in 2013, when Molina previously waged an unsuccessful campaign for mayor (note no party affiliations listed.)

2013 Sample Ballot Edinburg… by on Scribd

Now, that’s all fine and dandy and he’s right that in these small towns, they don’t really push a party affiliation on their ballots for local elections often.  In fact, I have called anyone and everyone I can, including the prosecutor’s office, Hidalgo County Democrats, the City of Edinburgh and others, including a reporter at the Houston Chronicle who wrote on the story, and no one will state what his party affiliation is.

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However, we had a clue given to us by the New York Times:

Mr. Molina was arrested in the Democratic stronghold of the Rio Grande Valley, the result of an investigation led by a Republican attorney general. But the case is being prosecuted by a local Democrat, Ricardo Rodriguez Jr., the Hidalgo County district attorney, with assistance from Mr. Paxton’s office.

Mr. Molina’s lawyer said the accusations against his client fit with a partisan election-fraud narrative, adding that the mayor had also filed similar voter-fraud complaints with the county and the state but that those complaints went nowhere. (emphasis mine)

Now, Mr. Duke doesn’t tell anyone any of this.  His report is merely surface level in gaining a ballot to show you that parties are not listed. Everyone in that area already knows this.  The question is who does he identify with?

From the NYT story, it’s clear that Mr. Molina’s attorney is casting this as “partisan,” which is often accompanied by pointing out the opposition to the person being defended, and who is Molina’s attorney defending his client against?  A Republican attorney general, Ken Paxton.

Additionally, since where Mr. Molina was arrested is considered by NYT to be a “Democrat stronghold,” what are we really to assume about Mr. Molina’s party affiliations?  That’s right, we should clearly assume he is a Democrat.

But don’t just take it from me as an assumption.  Pratt on Texas states of Molina that he is a Democrat.

However, I go back to the NYT post and Molina’s lawyer’s claim that the accusations against Molina are a “partisan election-fraud narrative.”  What does that tell everyone?  It tells you that Molina is a Democrat.

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Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

Tim Brown

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