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Former Presidential Candidate Accuses Trump of Sniffing Cocaine Before Debate — Hilarity Ensues

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Article first appeared at The Free Thought Project.

After launching attacks against Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s health concerns for months, GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump appeared repeatedly sniffing throughout the 2016 debate and drinking sips of water like Marco Rubio on camera. As Twitter noticed the possible nasal congestion, former Vermont Governor Howard Dean implied that Trump had sniffed cocaine shortly before the debate.

Between spouts of incessant interruptions and blatantly false statements, Trump continued to audibly sniff into his microphone like a coke addict with a runny nose. Although Trump never appeared to snort any suspicious white powder during the debate, Dean took to Twitter and wrote, “Notice Trump sniffing all the time. Coke user?”

In addition to the former governor and presidential candidate, many Twitter users agreed with Dean’s accusations and began using the hashtag #sniffles.

Besides the constant sniffling and drinking, Trump boasted several insane statements, including accusing Hillary of fighting ISIS her entire adult life, declaring that ISIS is beating the U.S. at cyber security, and referring to the U.S. as a Third World country. While refusing to answer direct questions, Trump also falsely claimed that he did not support the invasion of Iraq in 2002, was responsible for ending the Obama birther conspiracy that he had perpetuated, and took credit for establishing NATO’s anti-terrorism unit.
Repeatedly refusing to release his tax returns, Trump did admit that he has not paid his federal taxes in years. Instead of investing in America’s current endeavors and future prosperity, Trump avoided paying taxes while calling for Russian hackers to launch attacks on American citizens.
As the debate degenerated into childish insults and backtalk from both candidates, Trump noticeably continued sniffing while descending further into madness. A few minutes into the presidential debate, even this reporter had to ask on Twitter, “Does @realDonaldTrump have a stuffy nose or a cocaine habit? #debates”

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