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Former Sheriff Provides Florida Ethics Investigator Additional Evidence Of Criminal & Ethics Violations By Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno

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Former Lee County Sheriff Rodney Shoap has been issuing complaint after complaint to the Florida Governor’s Office, along with the Florida Commission on Ethics concerning Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno’s unethical behavior towards a Florida woman, Deanna Williams, along with a criminal complaint regarding Marceno’s fraud, perjury and felonious impersonating a police officer.  On Thursday, the former sheriff fired off an addendum to the investigator assigned to the case at the Florida Commission on Ethics, and included additional evidence of both complaints.

“Enclosed with this letter are copies of text messages sent back and forth between appointed Sheriff Marceno and Ms. Williams,” he wrote.  “I thought they might help with your investigation although they are copies that came from an internet news story. She has the originals and can provide you with copies from her should you request. By review of the messages never once does Marceno deny his fathering the child but simply begs for an abortion. In addition, notice the threat text sent to Ms. William’s son.”

Of course, Sheriff Shoap is referencing an earlier report I wrote in which I posted the entirety of text messages both on Facebook and via telephone that Ms. Williams provided to me.  Those can be seen in the following article:

Did Florida Governor & Sean Hannity Drop Support Of Florida Sheriff Carmine Marceno Because He Abused His Power To Pursue Women For Sex & Wanted His Baby Murdered?

The threat against Ms. Williams’ son, she alleges, could have only come from someone who knew her son’s schedule and knew where he would be and at that time, the only people the knew were Ms. Williams and Marceno.

However, Shoap is exactly right.  Marceno believed her to be telling the truth in those texts about being pregnant and not only does she show a pregnancy test in the texts, but has eyewitnesses to her pregnancy and was only seeing Marceno at the time, even though he we seeing other women at the same time without her knowledge.

However, that is only a brief part of what Marceno’s unethical behavior brought about for Ms. Williams.  By pursuing her in the fashion he did, ultimately he was obstructing justice due to her criminal complaint she filed with his office and he inserted himself into due to his pursuit of her.

So, there’s another crime that Marceno could be charged within all of this.

Second, Shoap provided additional documents to the investigator stating that they may not necessarily be for the ethics commission and if not to please forward them to Florida Department of Law Enforcement Professional Standards Division for their investigation into Marceno’s crimes.

“The first page of evidence points to an FDLE Form 76 that is a fraud,” wrote Shoap.  “This form is required for Marceno to take the equivalency of training course and the State of Florida exam for certification. I have authenticated Mr. Brown’s signature on the bottom but he does not remember Marceno or the event. I cannot tell you who completed the form but I can tell you that Marceno never worked full time for the Suffolk County Park Police for one full year. I can also tell you that Marceno knew the requirements when he used the fraudulent form to take the class and the exam. Result: Marceno was permitted to take the training and the state exam that he did not qualify to take according to FDLE rules.”

“The second page of evidence is a State of New York Pension registration form in which they declare Marceno a part-time, seasonal, employee,” Shoap added.  “The third page of evidence is a time sheet from the Suffolk County Park Police which shows the Part Time payroll account Marceno’s pay comes from.”

Shoap continued, “The last page of evidence is the employment history from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office employment form for Marceno. You will see by review that he completed (6) entries with 5 of them being marked full time and/or part time. However, by review you can see he left the Suffolk County box unmarked. It should have been caught by a background investigator but wasn’t. So the fraud continues on.”

Of course, he is reference documents that he and I addressed at the link below.

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Exclusive: The Fraud In Lee County Continues – Documents Indicate Sheriff Never Met The Requirements To Be A Police Officer

Shoap concluded his letter by stating the Ethics Commission would “frown on this because Marceno took a class and test he never qualified for in the first place.”

“While I can’t prove he provided the information for the person completing the form, I can prove Marceno knew the rules and purposely violated them by providing the form, taking the class and exam he did not qualify for,” Sheriff Shoap added.

Finally, Sheriff Shoap pointed out the obvious implications and consequences of Marceno’s crimes.

“Marceno’s certification places every arrest he ever made, if any; every arrest he ever supervised, if any; and, every hour of training he provided his subordinates, if any, in jeopardy,” he wrote.  “Last, every day that Marceno put the uniform on and conducted business as a sworn police officer was technically considered, ‘Impersonating an Officer’, a felony each time.”

For more documentation on the things that were addressed above, here are previous articles on the subject:

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

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