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Further Tactics Used By Anti-Constitutionalists To Bash Trump, The Law & The Constitution

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If you read The Daily Caller, there are several stories out regarding the propaganda being played by the lamestream enemedia of the Trump administration separating children from families;  one in which Tucker Carlson covered in his monologue regarding the anti-constitutionalists propaganda peddling and treatment of the current DHS secretaryone featuring a border patrol agent as a guest on Fox News with Laura Ingraham stating agents were performing operations correctly;  and, another that covered  The Daily Caller publishing photos from the Obama administration showing the “inhumane conditions” at Hussein Soetoro’s detention center where illegal alien invader children were detained.  Still, another story at the same internet news site indicated the Honduran child that became the face of children separated from their illegal alien invader parents was never actually separated from her mother.

You can watch Tucker’s full video below.


This shows the anti-constitutionalists, their Democratic anti-constitutional politicians, much of the enemedia outlets, and Hollyweirdo empty shells are out of control, advocate violence against those opposed to their opinions, policies and viewpoints, and have no qualm about engaging in tactics to scare innocent children.  If those in charge or that own the lamestream enemedia outlets were opposed to these tactics, they would certainly voice their opposition.  The same is true for the political “leaders” of the Democratic Party and other Hollyweirdo empty shell people.  So far, none have come out in opposition to any of these tactics.

It’s most abhorrent when an individual employed by the Department of Justice feels justified to heckle someone else in public, viewing it as some sort of “public duty”, when the person she is heckling is only enforcing constitutionally authorized legislation.  Regardless of the DOJ employee’s personal politics, this sort of behavior should not be condoned by AG Sessions or the employee’s immediate supervisor.  The fact this behavior has gone unsanctioned speaks volumes of what is occurring in the Justice Department.

In the next report, President of the Border Patrol Union, Art Del Cueto countered those anti-constitutionalists describing Border Patrol agents as “Nazis.”

“It is sickening that certain members of the media have chosen to attack border patrol agents, and describe us as a Nazis. That is disgusting that you would even think that. I don’t know where that even comes from,” Del Cueto said.

He added, “Agents that I know that I have worked with, myself included, go to the field numerous times with our own food that we buy, toys, clothes, everything else, so we can assist to these people we arrest of the border. To compare us to Nazis as a whole new low. That is the most disgusting thing.”

In Thursday’s article at Freedom Outpost, Illegal Alien Invasion:  Another Tactic to Bash Trump, the Law, and Constitutionalists, it was posited this was contrived over years by Democrats, who kicked the can down the road during the last administration when holding majorities in both chambers of Congress, in order to use it against a Republican majority House and Senate, a Republican president, and constitutionalists.  Moreover, it was stated that illegal alien invader parents of these children and the parents who sent their children unaccompanied were responsible for the condition of those children.  And, it has been proven the photos the enemedia are using to bash Trump and his administration just happen to have been taken during the Hussein Soetoro administration.  In fact, Art Del Cueto confirms this.

Per The Daily Caller:

“The reality is, the pictures you are seeing from a lot of these media outlets are from the last administration, not from President Trump’s Administration. You can spin it anyway you want but the reality is, I’m out there, all the time. I work that border, and I’m telling you right now, things are being done correctly,” Del Cueto said.

“And there’s a lot of people out there in the media that are twisting things around and villainizing something that isn’t there,” Del Cueto continued. “Their hatred toward one president is so amazing that you are blinded to the truth of what is happening right now.”

Del Cueto also stated that parents of these children being sent to the US unaccompanied were being muled by criminals in the trunks of cars, birth control pills were being found on young girls because their parents knew the girls were at risk of rape and sexual violence, and parents or other family members were throwing these children over the fence without any supervisor to face the dangers of the elements, wild animals and criminals.

As was covered in many news outlets, President Trump signed an executive order to end the separation of children from their illegal alien invader parents.  Since the parents are criminals due to violating US immigration law, it can be presumed that these children, who are not accountable for the actions of their parents, will be housed with their incarcerated parents.  But, while ignorant stooges blame the Trump administration for the abhorrent conditions of children housed separately from their criminal illegal alien invader parents, it is the former Hussein Soetoro administration that is facing a lawsuit filed by the American Immigration Council and the American Civil Liberties Union.

While the most scathing critiques in the debate are directed at the Trump administration, much about the Obama detainment practices mirrored — almost exactly — the practices for which Trump is currently being criticized.

Lost in the debate is any acknowledgment that President Obama’s administration also used detention facilities, kept immigrant adults and children in cages, separated families, prosecuted hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants and deported millions more.

The Daily Caller published images of Obama detention facilities housing hundreds of children in chain link cages.

Personal accounts from immigration lawyers tell a tale of Obama openly admitting that his administration was using family detention as a deterrent. In fact, the conditions in Obama’s illegal immigrant detainment facilities were so abhorrent that they inspired a lawsuit.

So, does anyone doubt it is the illegal alien invader parents who are subjecting their children to abhorrent treatment and less than optimal housing conditions, while chastising the US government for enforcing immigration laws it is constitutionally authorized to enact?

And, does anyone doubt this has all been contrived by anti-constitutional corrupt Democrat politicians, anti-constitutional activists, and the lamestream enemedia, as it broadcasts propaganda laden reports to brainwash much of the American public too lazy to verify information for themselves?  The publishing of the picture of the Honduran child that was not separated from her mother but was portrayed as such by the media proves the broadcast of propaganda intent on brainwashing the ignorant, lazy masses.

These illegal alien invader parents have little difficulty placing their children in harm’s way to get them into the US in order to “steal” a place for themselves, knowing the citizens of the US would be sympathetic to unaccompanied children who have suffered atrocities at the hands of criminals or other family members (being thrown over a fence) to enter the US.  Yet, these same illegal alien invader parents enlist the aid of anti-constitutionalists, ambulance chasing lawyers, and the lamestream enemedia propaganda machine to smear, marginalize, debase, defame, and besmirch the US government’s enforcement of constitutionally authorized law while having little problem fabricating information.  Remember, this is the republic they enter unlawfully to live while bashing enforcement of the law.

The simple solution to end illegal alien invasion by parents with children in tow is to turn them around immediately when found at the border – deport by force.  In the case of unaccompanied children, the children should be returned to the government in their country of citizenship.  But, that would be met with the same old song and dance by anti-constitutionalists, corrupt anti-constitutional Democratic and Republican politicians, and Holly-weirdo activists who call for scaring innocent children of border patrol agents.

Anti-constitutionalists, all categories mentioned above, care not how these children are treated by their illegal alien invader conniving parents, which amounts to child abuse.  In essence, these types of US citizens support it through their policies of lawlessness.  It matters not what is done to these children;  what matters is what they can use to further dehumanize, degrade, and silence constitutionalists.  Despite the fact that children are never housed in prisons with their incarcerated citizen parent or parents in this republic, anti-constitutionalists view it as a travesty for illegal alien invader criminal parents to be separated from their children.  Doesn’t this ring of the Russian political prisons Yuri Bezmenov indicated KGB agents allowed Western government officials to see while passing those prisons off as typical of the life of the average Communist citizen?  Remember, this is what the anti-constitutionalists are advocating to be done with children of criminal parents that are illegally invading the united States.

It’s all contrived by both political parties – Democrats and Republicans – supported by anti-constitutionalists and propagandized by the anti-constitutionalist controlled lamestream enemedia.  Until the stranglehold of the two-party system can be lessened, along with the subsets of communism, socialism, Nazism, and Marxism occurring within both parties leading to lawlessness, this republic will descend further into tyranny at the hands of these same anti-constitutionalists who try to convince others it is “freedom” they actually are supporting.

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

The Washington Standard

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