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Georgia: Gun-Toting Homeowner Kills 3 Armed, Masked Teens After They Open Fire

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Here’s another story of how a homeowner with a gun saved innocent lives.

The latest is from Rockdale County, Georgia.

WSBTV Atlanta reports:

ROCKDALE COUNTY, Ga. – The Rockdale County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a deadly triple shooting Monday morning.

Deputies said a homeowner shot three teens who were wearing masks. Channel 2’s Aaron Diamant learned two of the teens were brothers, 15 and 16 years old. A third was a 15-year-old boy.

The shooting happened around 4 a.m. at a house off White Oak Court in Conyers. One of the boys died at the scene. The other two later died at the hospital. 

Investigators said one of the teens pulled out a gun and fired at the neighbors before the homeowner returned fire. 

Deputies found the teens outside the home after the homeowner called 911 for help. One was lying near the edge of the driveway and the other two up the road a bit.

 “I heard a guy yelling for help. ‘Help me, help me, I’m dying, I’m dying, help me, help me,’” said neighbor Brian Jenkins. 

The sheriff says the homeowner was outside around 4 a.m. Monday when the shootings happened.

A neighbor heard the gunfire and ran out to help.

“It was five shots and then it sounded like a handgun. Then I heard somebody have an assault rifle. And it was a slew of shots that came out,” neighbor Carlos Watson said.

Deputies say they still don’t know who owned the two guns they found.

Investigators say three people were at the home, including a woman, when the shooting happened.

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They don’t know who owned the 2 guns they found?

Chances are it was the two unarmed dead teens, I would suspect.

Guns save lives.

This is another story that is not important enough to make the national news.


Because it does not support their gun control agenda and certainly doesn’t support the case for “assault” rifle bans.

Here are more cases where lives were saved by Good Samaritans who were armed.

These stories happen every day in America and rarely make it past the local newspapers and news broadcasts.

A good example happened in my back yard just after the recently highly-publicized mass shootings in Texas and Ohio.

The 2nd Amendment is not negotiable.

“Shall not be infringed” still means something to patriotic, constitutional gun owners.

Some teenage thugs in Georgia just learned the hard way that people can and will defend themselves, or their neighbors, in America.

The government WILL NOT take this right from us without a fight.


Molon Labe!

Article posted with permission from Dean Garrison

The Washington Standard

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