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GERM: Bill Gates’ New “Permanent… Fully Paid & Prepared… Organization of Experts” Who Will Respond To “Dangerous Outbreaks” (Video)

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For those of you who think the scamdemic is over, you’re only kidding yourselves. This will be the vehicle of choice for tyrants in the coming days and criminal Bill Gates has the latest maneuver he has a vision for and even put it into print: GERM. GERM stands for Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization.

“We need a permanent organization of experts who are fully paid and prepared to mount a coordinated response to a dangerous outbreak at any time,” wrote Gates on his website. “In my book, I propose that we call this group the GERM—Global Epidemic Response and Mobilization—team.”

According to Gates, “The GERM team would be made up of people from all over the world who have a wide range of expertise: epidemiology, genetics, data systems, diplomacy, rapid response, logistics, computer modeling, communications, and more. When they aren’t actively working in the field, most of them would call individual countries’ public health agencies home base, though some would sit in the WHO’s regional offices and at its headquarters in Geneva.”

He pitches this as a team that will “serve the entire world,” but in reality they will not be serving anyone, but terrorizing everyone.

“Here’s how a GERM response would work: The team’s disease monitoring experts would look for potential outbreaks,” explains Gates. “Once it spots one, GERM should have the ability to declare an outbreak and work with national governments and the World Bank to raise money for the response very quickly. Product-development experts would advise governments and companies on the highest-priority drugs and vaccines. People who understand computer modeling would coordinate the work of modelers around the world. And the team would help create and coordinate responses, such as how and when to implement border closures and recommend mask use.”

“But GERM’s response to an active outbreak is only one part of their work,” he added.

Then he tells you what the job is:

The team’s most important job is helping to run outbreak response exercises that test whether the world is ready for the next major outbreak. Militaries regularly run war games to evaluate their readiness—we should do the same with disease threats. In most countries, these exercises can be run by local public health and military leaders, with GERM acting as an advisor and reviewer. For some low-income countries, the world should invest in building this capacity and lend resources as needed.

The GERM team would also be responsible for developing a checklist for pandemic preparedness, similar to the ones that airplane pilots follow before every takeoff and many surgeons now use during an operation. A checklist sounds like such an obvious tool, but very few places had a plan like this in place when COVID hit. A GERM-developed checklist could be used anywhere and help make sure that governments are ready with an efficient and effective response.

Oh, and just in case you thought that would be their only job, think again! They won’t just be responding to more scamdemics, but they will also seeking to “improve overall health around the world.”

Now, this is the guy that has openly spoken about depopulation and we have the paper trail of African kids that his “vaccines” have killed. Do we really want anything like what he is speaking about in our world? Really?

I think not!

Then there’s the price tag.

Running GERM will cost the world around $1 billion a year to cover salaries for the force of 3,000 people we’d need, plus equipment, travel, and other expenses—money that would come from governments. The work would be coordinated by the WHO, the only group that can give it global credibility, and it needs to be accountable to the public.

That’s right, the bought-and-paid-for World Health Organization that’s run by a known terrorist and funded largely in part by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The more this guy talks, and from all we have seen and heard over the past 2.5 years, he is giving himself away that he is behind the scamdemic and looking to profit from the suffering of people. Isn’t it time we brought criminals like Bill Gates to justice instead of letting them build up entire armies of liars to attack us again?

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media

Tim Brown

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