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Are Germans Getting Fed Up With Muslim Migrants?

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The clash of culture can be trying on all involved. Even those who would support the move to accept asylum seekers would have to admit that the transition has been a bumpy one. The reason is that Muslims and Humanists do not see things the same way. So, in Germany, the German people are faced with a situation that can be dangerous.

The people living with and around the migrants are finding that they are facing the brunt of the difficulty. It is their wives and daughters that face the fear of attack. They and not the politicians are the ones that face the daily danger of terror attacks. So, one group is seeking to voice their frustration.

Fox reports:

Anti-Islam activists have staged an hour-long demonstration atop Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate.

The protesters unfurled a banner calling for “secure borders” in Germany as crowds of tourists milled around the iconic monument Saturday.

Police said 15 people were briefly detained over the protest and are likely to face charges of trespassing, harassment and breaching laws on public assembly.

This group is considered right-wing and has been labeled as racist by some. But, these terms are almost without actual meaning in this day of spin and propaganda news. If you oppose the establishment and their policies, then you will be labeled these things. And worse it seems.

Fox continues:

Berlin police spokeswoman Patricia Braemer said the protesters belonged to the Identitarian Movement.

Germany’s domestic intelligence agency earlier this month said it was putting the far-right group under observation because it aims to subvert democracy.

I would first like to applaud the group if they are trying to subvert Democracy, as it is the precursor to enslavement under communist rule.

But, besides this, it seems that this group was not seeking any such thing. They just wish to be heard. But of course, in Germany like America, those who are right of center that protest are rebels, while the left are heroes for rights.

Either way, what cannot be ignored is the fact that a growing number of Germans are fed up with this nonsense.

Article posted with permission from Constitution.com. Article by Michael Ware.

The Washington Standard

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