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Germany: Court Confirms That Muslim Migrant Is Dangerous, Yet Stops His Deportation

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“Suspected threats may remain,” translated from “Mutmaßlicher Gefährder darf bleiben,” by Jana Godau, Bild, January 5, 2021 (thanks to Medforth):

Göttingen – you just can’t get rid of it!

Lower Saxony has been trying to get rid of a suspected terrorist threat for almost a year. But Ahmet K. (30) from Göttingen gives the authorities one defeat after the other. The administrative court in Göttingen currently stopped the expulsion.

The list of failures:

Ahmet K. has lived in Göttingen since summer 2018. Because he was apparently radicalized, sympathized with Salafists and wanted to buy a weapon, he was placed under surveillance. During a police operation, he threatened the officers: “I can kill you, too.” Arrest, transfer to the deportation prison in Langenhagen.

But Ahmet K. only sits for 81 days. After his complaint, the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig decided that the evidence from the Lower Saxony Ministry of the Interior that K. was a dangerous Salafist was too scanty.

Ahmet K. was released and immediately received a deportation order again, this time from the city of Göttingen. New reason: His allegedly long criminal files and criminal danger. K. complained again, in another slap for Lower Saxony.

Because the administrative court in Göttingen stopped the deportation at the end of December. The chamber sees the danger that K. will continue to commit crimes in the future. But: “The applicant has so far only been sentenced to a suspended prison sentence (…) and to fines.” In addition, K. is rooted in Germany. His family lives here, he has a three-year-old son.

Article posted with permission from Robert Spencer

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