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Ghislaine Maxwell Confidante Says She Told Her “Epstein & I Have Everyone On Videotape”

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According to a new report out from The Telegraph, a socialite friend of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell with ties close to the royal family claims that she has spoken to the FBI about her friendship with Ms. Maxwell and says that Maxwell confided in her that “Epstein and I have everyone on videotape.”

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According to The Telegraph:

Ghislaine Maxwell told a former acquaintance that she and Jeffrey Epstein had “everything on videotape,” it has been claimed.

Christina Oxenberg, a socialite and distant relative of the royals, said Ms Maxwell also once told her that Epstein had purchased his own helicopter because commercial pilots were “eyes and ears” they did not need.

She revealed she had spoken to the FBI about what she had been told.

Ms Oxenberg, 57, first met Maxwell in the early 1990s and said she would never forget a conversation the pair once had in Maxwell’s home.

Several sources have also claimed that Epstein secretly filmed his guests using hidden surveillance cameras scattered throughout his Manhattan mansion.

“We were alone,” she said. “She said many things. All creepy. Unorthodox. Strange. I could not believe whatever she was saying was real. Stuff like: ‘Jeffrey and I have everyone on videotape.’”

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That’s not all, regarding the helicopter, Oxenberg claims the Maxwell told her that Epstein purchased a helicopter for her when she obtained her pilot’s certificate.

“Jeffrey doesn’t trust commercial helicopter pilots,” she is alleged to have said. “They are eyes and ears we don’t need. And I can do anything. You see, I don’t make mistakes. I am indispensable to Jeffrey.

“This way nobody knows who’s going to the island,” she added.   “This way we have anonymity and secrecy and privacy.”

Ms. Oxenberg wrote on the Patreon website: “When I told the FBI all of this they said they knew about the helicopter but they didn’t know why.

“I was able to provide them why,” she continued.  “So that Epstein and Maxwell could conceal what they were up to. Proving they knew they were up to no good.”

There continues to be an ongoing investigation, at least that is what we are told, of possible conspirators with Epstein and Maxwell.

My guess is that we haven’t seen diddly out of the Trump administration regarding justice, and my guess is that those tapes have been secured never to be seen again, destroyed, or quite possibly used by Mossad to blackmail US representatives.

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The obvious question is:  Who are in the group “everyone” and where are those tapes?

Tyler Durden offers these thoughts in pictures.

Maxwell has been accused by several alleged Epstein victims of both facilitating and participating in sexual crimes. She has vehemently denied the claims and has not been charged with any crimes in connection to Epstein’s activities.

If true, we wonder who exactly was taped?

And of course:

Article posted with permission from Sons Of Liberty Media

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