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Google is Hiding Popular Searches for Hillary Clinton’s Health

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Article first appeared at The Free Thought Project.

In recent weeks, multiple media outlets have reported on the idea that Hillary Clinton’s health is in dire straits. As media outlets report on the issue, they are quickly silenced by Clinton’s apparent friends in high places. Now, it appears that Google, whose CEO is a supporter of Clinton’s presidential campaign, is suppressing negative search results in relation to her health.

Last week, the Free Thought Project reported on Dr. Drew who was quickly relieved of his duties on CNN after talking about Clinton’s health.

Only days after board-certified medicine specialist, and TV personality, Dr. Drew Pinsky publicly stated that he was “gravely concerned” about the health of Hillary Clinton, his show was abruptly canceled by CNN.

As CNN silences talk about the candidate’s health, Google searchers are having the same effect. When comparing the auto-populated results while typing on Bing, Yahoo, and Google, there are stark differences as seen in the screenshots below.


As Breitbart reported on Tuesday, when searched on Google, the first suggested searches provided are “Hillary Clinton’s headquarters,” “Hillary Clinton’s health plan,” and “Hillary Clinton’s healthcare plan.”

Search results on Bing return the suggestions, “Hillary Clinton’s health,” “Hillary Clinton’s health issues,” and “Hillary Clinton’s health and weight,” while search results on Yahoo return the suggestions, “Hillary Clinton’s health problems,” Hillary Clinton’s health,” and “Hillary Clinton’s health issues.”

While this information is certainly damning, it is not the first time Clinton’s cozy relationship with the internet giant has been on display.

In March, the Free Thought Project reported on the explosive emails revealing how the U.S. State Department and Google worked in concert to topple the government of elected Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in an attempt at forwarding U.S. geopolitical strategy.

Prior to that report, we revealed Clinton’s intimate involvement with Google and YouTube after an email chain exposed the internet giant bowing down to Clinton’s demand for censorship.

Then, in June, in another bombshell revelation, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange has backed up Clinton and Google’s relationship, claiming they are working together to promote the Democratic presidential candidate.

Assange appeared via video conference at a session of ‘End of the Monopoly: The Open Information Age’ — part of the ‘New Era of Journalism: Farewell to Mainstream international media’ forum organized at the Rossiya Segodnya International Multimedia Press Center in Moscow.

“Google is directly engaged with Hillary Clinton’s campaign,” said Assange before going on to claim the technology giant used the US State Department on “a quid pro quo” basis.

Shortly after the WikiLeaks revelation, the group SourceFed found even more evidence that Google was manipulating autocomplete recommendations in favor of Hillary Clinton. As SourceFed explains:

If true, this would mean that Google Searches aren’t objectively reflecting what the majority of Internet searches are actually looking for, possibly violating Google’s algorithm. According to a research paper cited in this video, that kind of search result manipulation has the potential to substantially influence the outcome of actual elections.

Below is the very powerful video explaining this connection.

As this election year quickly comes to a grinding, fiery, repugnant and corrupt end, Americans are finally seeing the ugly truth about the gang of violent criminals who they’ve been referring to as their leaders.

As voters go to the polls in November to choose between a globalist criminal psychopath and a psychopath willing to say anything to get ahead, who’s been robbing his own supporters, it has become more apparent than ever — Democracy is a sham.

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