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Governor Nikki Haley Blasts Bathroom Bill as Unnecessary

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South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley has blasted attempts to pass a bathroom bill that is similar in nature to North Carolina’s that would not allow local governments from approving measures that would allow people to use restrooms and showers that are designated for the opposite sex.

On Wednesday, Senator Lee Bright introduced his bill that would prevent local government from enacting laws that would allow people to use public restrooms that were not designated for their birth gender.

“I don’t believe it’s necessary,” she said, during a press conference reported by The State. “There’s not one instance that I’m aware of.”

“When we look at our situation, we’re not hearing of anybody’s religious liberties that are being violated, and we’re again not hearing any citizens that are being violated in terms of freedoms,” she said. “Like it or not, South Carolina is doing really well when it comes to respect and when it comes to kindness and when it comes to acceptance. For people to imply it’s not, I beg to differ.”

Except for those who hold their confederate heritage as a top reminder of the tyranny of Lincoln and those who trample on states’ rights, right Governor Haley?

However, the fact of the matter is that this is an offensive measure to deal with the problem before it rears its head, not primarily a defensive one, though there is reason to believe that what Governor Haley is saying is incorrect.

Senator Lee Bright has taken shots from the SC Chamber of Commerce for championing the bill.

Chamber President Ted Pitts said, “Sen. Bright is trying to create a political crisis that doesn’t exist to save his political career. Meanwhile, our state has real issues we need to address, including crumbling roads and a (workforce) skills gap. We’ll be working on electing serious senators next year who will be focused on addressing the state’s infrastructure and workforce needs, and limiting government’s role in our lives.”

So, Mr. Pitts does not believe that keeping the mentally ill “transgenders” and other perverts out of the bathrooms and showers of your wives and daughters South Carolina is a “real issue” that needs to be address. I wonder if he might feel different if such people popped in on his own wife or daughter.

However, Senator Bright believes this is a “public safety issue” and claims that his bill is nothing like Governor Haley is presenting. He said that his proposal is “totally different from a religious-freedom bill.”

Senator Bright also told The Washington Standard that the City of Columbia, SC has been attempting to move on their own bathroom bill.

Bright said that Cameron Runyan, who is on the City Council, told him about attempts that were made in the city to draw up a bathroom bill that would allow people who identified themselves as “transgendered” to enter bathrooms that are designated for members of the opposite sex. Runyan was unavailable for interview at the time of the writing of this article.

When asked about the entire LGBT agenda and whether or not Haley was soft of sodomites due to her silence when marriage certificates were issued to sodomites in Charleston when the state has anti-sodomy laws on the books, which is where this all comes from, Bright said, “I think that from some of the comments that she makes that she wants to be inclusive of all people.”

Again, though, apparently not inclusive of those who want South Carolina’s history represented at the State Capitol.

I have long thought that Nikki Haley is an establishment politician, especially after her glowing praise of Mitt Romney once she was elected. The more I see from Haley, the more I’m convinced she is part of the problem in South Carolina politics.

Tim Brown

Tim Brown is an author and Editor at FreedomOutpost.com, SonsOfLibertyMedia.com, GunsInTheNews.com and TheWashingtonStandard.com. He is husband to his "more precious than rubies" wife, father of 10 "mighty arrows", jack of all trades, Christian and lover of liberty. He resides in the U.S. occupied Great State of South Carolina. . Follow Tim on Twitter. Also check him out on Gab, Minds, MeWe, Spreely, Mumbl It and Steemit
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