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Is Who Hacked Podesta’s Emails the Issue or the Fact they are True?

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Ever notice how the criminals deflect from the real issue? That has been done by the Democrats and their useful idiots in the media. In the last debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, there were mixed views about who was behind the Wikileaks release of Democrat emails, specifically those of Clinton campaign chair John Podesta. While Trumps said he wasn’t sure, Clinton claimed it was the Russians, but the real question is not who was behind the leaks, but whether or not the emails are true.

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This is the question that investigative journalist Ben Swann posed on Reality Check.

Clinton cited 17 agencies that claim that hacks were made by Russia. Among those she referenced are the following:

  • CIA
  • State Department
  • Office of the Director of National Intelligence

Each of the agencies have credibility issues. Swann also pointed out that every one of those agencies also said the Iraq had weapons of mass destruction too, even though they didn’t have them.

Trump was right to point out that those agencies don’t actually know for sure if Russia was behind the hack or not. However, the issue is not really who is behind the leaks, but whether the information being leaked is true.

As of the report, 26,000 emails from John Podesta have been released by Wikileaks. Among those emails are many that point out the Clinton State Department and the Clinton Foundation engaged in pay-to-play schemes.

Swann referenced an email from Clinton’s chief deputy adviser Huma Abedin who said that Moroccan authorities donated $12 million to The Clinton Foundation‘s global initiative in order to gain access to Clinton while she was at the State Department.

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Additionally, there have been numerous emails that demonstrate a collusion between the Clinton campaign and major media outlets. Boy, no one saw that one coming, did they? In fact, emails released by Wikileaks show at least 65 mainstream reporters working close with the Clinton campaign.

If that wasn’t enough, Glenn Thrush, who is a senior staff writer for Politico, allowed John Podesta to proofread and edit his article. In writing to Podesta, Thrush said, “Because I have become a hack [sic] I will send u the whole section that pertains to u [sic]… Please don’t share or tell anyone I did this.” Now, we know you can’t trust one word that Thrush puts out.

Also, Podesta’s emails indicate that they were attempting to deceive Bernie Sanders supporters at the Democrat Convention earlier this year.

Additionally, Clinton’s staff also discussed which e-mails to release and delete.

So, while the Clinton campaign attempts to deflect from the real issue by pointing to Russia as being engaged in hacking emails, the reality is that she is not wanting to discuss whether the information contained in the emails is true.

Swann asks, “If they are [true], who cares where they came from? Who cares why? Because if the accusation is that the Russians are trying to influence this election by telling the truth, then what does that tell us about how American media is trying to influence the election?”

I couldn’t agree more. The American media has been bought and paid for, and it’s not just on the Democrat side either. Several media outlets are just as guilty of hiding the truth about their own political heavy weights. It’s up to Americans to be able to research for themselves and then come to a proper conclusion. However, with the way things have stacked up in the email releases, there is no doubt that the truth has been exposed. The real question is, will the American people do anything about the criminal activity that has taken place concerning Hillary Clinton and her minions? Well, if Barack Hussein Obama Soetoro Sobarkah is any indication, we can expect absolutely no justice from Congress or the Justice Department.

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