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Hannity Claims He Is ‘Making Progress’ On the DNC/Seth Rich Case

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Anyone who has examined the real facts behind the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich knows that there is something fishy afoot. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange himself has even implied that Seth Rich was the infamous DNC leaker. Sadly, anyone who even dares question the official narrative behind the murder has been slapped with the all too common ‘conspiracy theorist’ label; a label that is too often used nowadays to silence dissent and destroy credibility. But Sean Hannity isn’t having it.

In the following video, Right Wing News looks at Hannity’s recent statements in which he teases that he has been making progress in discovering the actual truth behind Rich’s murder. Despite pressure from corporate advertisers and even Rich’s family themselves, Hannity understands that the implications behind the truth of Rich’s murder is too important for him to be silent. After all this time, will the truth finally be revealed?


Western Journalism reports:

“… the country deserves the truth.”

One week after saying he would be silent on the subject of the death of murdered Democratic National Committee staffer Seth Rich, Sean Hannity told his Fox News audience Tuesday he is “making progress” on finding the truth about Rich’s death.

Last week, Hannity promoted theories that Rich was implicated in the leak of information to WikiLeaks. After Rich’s death, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange implied, but never directly stated, that Rich was a source for the DNC emails that WikiLeaks posted.

Last week, Fox News retracted a major story about the Rich-WikiLeaks connection, which Rich’s family has also denied. The family last week asked Hannity specifically to stop talking about the issue.

Tuesday evening, Hannity broke his self-imposed silence about Rich’s death.

“I have to start tonight on a personal note of something that happened last week. Now, I was asked by the family of the DNC staffer that was killed in July to pull back covering the story of the death because their son and their family was hurting,” he said on his program.

“Now out of respect for the family’s wishes, well, I decided for the time being not to discuss it unless there were further developments,” he said.

Hannity noted there was more at stake.

“But I also promised you, my audience, my loyal audience, that I will not stop investigating. I will not stop asking questions,” he continued.

“And at a very high level, the bottom line here is the family wants the truth and I think the country deserves the truth, because this impacts so much of what the narrative in this country is now about, which is the left and their conspiracy theory. Now I can report, I am making progress. We will have a lot more coming, probably sooner than later,” Hannity said

Hannity noted he has been “labeled by liberals, members of the ‘Destroy Trump media,’ as a conspiracy theorist,” but said that label really applies to liberals claiming President Donald Trump’s campaign had links to Russia even though no proof of those links exists.

“Now the funny thing is, I’m being called a conspiracy theorist because I dare to ask questions,” Hannity said. “As far as I know, by the way, I’m the only member of the media who has interviewed Julian Assange multiple times on radio, and right here on this TV show.”

Last week, several advertisers walked away from Hannity’s show after Media Matters for America used his coverage of the Rich case as the impetus for its effort to get advertisers to drop the show.

One company that dropped its ads, financial services firm USAA, said Tuesday it will return to the show.

Article posted with permission from The Last Great Stand. Article by Michael DePinto.

The Washington Standard

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