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Hi-Jacking Government: FDA Authorizes Emergency Use For Pfizer’s mRNA Injections On 12-15-Year-Olds – Up To State Governors To Save Children

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“As many people have died from Covid-19 vaccines as ALL vaccines in the last 20 years.”

On Tuesday, in Minnesota, the Minneapolis Star and Tribune, which locals call the Red Star-Communist, reported that young kids 12-15 can now receive the experimental Covid-19 vaccines.

Despite all the statistics coming out on the deaths of young and old people dying from these experimental vaccines, what do they do? Do they stop? No, they do not stop. They push forward while they rely on the mainstream media and the big tech companies to censor any information that is in contrast to their set narrative (John 8:44).

Friends, everything that has to do with this plandemic has been fraud since the very beginning. Consider the sources (Ephesians 4:14).

Healthimpactnews reported: Criminal FDA Authorizes Emergency Use for Pfizer’s mRNA Injections on 12-15 Year-olds – Up to State Governors to Save the Nation’s Children

As expected, the FDA granted emergency use authorization to Pfizer’s experimental COVID mRNA shots to be injected into children between the ages of 12 and 15 today.

The FDA is a criminal organization comprised of medical professionals with ties to Big Pharma who are serving the pharmaceutical industry, and not the public.

None of the COVID-19 injections given emergency use authorization were done so legally. Many scientists and doctors have protested, and even filed official complaints against the FDA, because there are already effective treatments for COVID-19, making an emergency use authorization unnecessary.

In addition, the current injections for COVID-19 do not meet the legal definition of a “vaccine,” but are an entirely new class of injections that inject an operating system into your body and works directly with your DNA. See:

Moderna’s Top Scientist on mRNA Technology in COVID Shots: “We are Actually Hacking the Software of Life”

Many young people aged 16 to their early 20s have already died and been seriously injured following the Pfizer injections, and we have covered their stories here on Health Impact News.

There is a eugenic agenda here to reduce the world’s population, and for those young girls in the 12 to 15 year age range whose parents allow them to get this experimental injection, most if not all of them will probably become infertile and never be able to bear children, if they survive the shots.

Governors Need to Reject the FDA Guidance in Their States and Refuse to Allow Children to Receive Experimental Injections that Violate the Nuremberg Code

It is one thing to offer experimental injections to a willing adult population who voluntarily choose to be part of an experimental drug trial, but it is another thing to inject children who are too young to make an informed consent decision.

Parents uneducated about how dangerous these shots are put the lives of their children at risk, and the hundreds of thousands of children across the nation in foster care custody will have no choice in most situations but to be forced to receive these shots.

In conclusion: What is of interest here is that the FDA states that it is up to state governors to save the nations children. Really? Where did the FDA receive delegated authority to do what the governors cannot?

Your government, friends, is being hijacked by the pharmaceutical and medical industry, who are, in fact, not a law unto themselves yet, who are circumventing the law to which both them and the governors are to submit. In other words, if the governors do not have the authority to force these vaccines on the people, then who is the medial industry to assume such authority? Challenge that authority, friends, while you still have the time because they do not have authority in doing so (Amos 6:3)!

Article posted with permission from Sons of Liberty Media. Article by Bradlee Dean

The Washington Standard

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