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#Hoggwash – Another Broward Coward: David Hogg Backs Out Of Gun Control Debate After His Challenger Accepts

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It appears that the sheriff and his deputies are not the only cowards in Broward County.  Following a series of libelous tweets filled with several lies against Infowars founder Alex Jones, David Hogg‘s challenge to debate Jones over the issue of gun control was finally accepted.  Hogg immediately backed out of the challenge with more vitriol and bad mouthing of Jones.

During a series of tweets earlier this week, little Communist David Hogg blasted Infowars founder Alex Jones, told several lies about Jones and Infowars and issued a direct challenge to Jones regarding a gun control debate.  Take a look.

“Hey Alex Jones you seem to be really confused as to what I do/who I am I’d love to come on and clear some of this up because clearly as a shit journalist you can’t clearly” Hogg tweeted.

“Wait 🤔didn’t you get sued for pedaling lies about the survivors and victims of another school shooting? Clearly someone didn’t learn from their mistakes,” he added.

“I might not be great with spelling or punctuation but unlike Jones do my research and don’t sell snake oil to the masses,” he continued.

He then took to a very shallow personal attack, just like we expect from a little child, something he clearly acknowledges being.

“When your snake oil only makes you THICC 45 days later,” Hogg tweeted.

Now, there are several things to consider here.

First, let’s point out that neither Alex Jones nor Infowars have been sued over comment they have made regarding anything they have said about shootings.  Jones was addressed by Megyn Kelly about his comments regarding the Sandy Hook shooting but there was no lawsuit.

As for doing his research?  I did have to chuckle a little since he is promoting the very things that led to millions of deaths in the 20th century in Communist countries, disarmament of its citizens.  Hogg’s “research” seems to come from either CNN, George Soros funded foundations or Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun groupsWe know that’s where his money for all this is coming from, so why not his “research”?

Hogg is selling snake oil to the masses though.  He has no idea of what the Constitution says or how the legislative process works, and I don’t even think he knows what the truth is.  He cannot explain how any gun law would stop any mass shooting, something even gun-grabbing Senator Dianne Feinstein acknowledges will not have an effect.

Hogg has no idea that outside the US, school shootings accumulate more deaths than in the US.  He has no concept that the greatest loss of life in a school shooting occurred in a country with strict gun control laws and those murders were state-sanctioned.  He cannot grasp the fact that gun free zones are where more than 90% of mass shootings take place.  Yet, he claims to have “researched”  and that Jones is the one peddling lies and snakeoil on the subject.

Jones politely replied to Hogg and accepted his challenge.

“Hi David, it would be fantastic for you to come on. I would be very thankful for that. I want to set the record straight and clear things up between you and I,” Jones tweeted.


“I would love to have you on today to clear up some of the disinformation that has been put out about my statements concerning the tragedy. I notice you’re calling me a “shit journalist” and “snake oil” salesman when I have never called you any disparaging names,” Jones followed up.


Right, and right there demonstrates that Hogg was not only baiting Jones but he was also engaging in ad hom rather than dealing with actual facts.  He probably thought Jones would never see it and never respond.



Alex did correct the libelous claims Hogg issued against him concerning lawsuits and pointed out that Hogg had to get the social media giants after him, which were clearly pushed because of Hogg and his mother’s ties to CNN.



Jones then pointed out how David is just a useful idiot being used to push an agenda.




“David, you are welcome to come on the show.  Are you aware that CNN is using you as part of a lobbying campaign to shut down Infowars?  You are now a public figure & activist. You are not immune to criticism.  We know your views on the 2nd amendment.  Do you support the 1st?” Jones tweeted.

Jones then issued his own debate on the issue when Hogg would not respond.


This is when the coward in Hogg was revealed for who he is.

“I will not speak to anyone that has had disgusting remarks to victims of mass shootings in the past. I sent that tweet without realizing just how awful so many people have been to victims and witnesses of these events in the past,” Hogg replied.

Wait, you didn’t realize?  I thought Hogg did his research?  Apparently not.

David Hogg can go on social media and think he has no moral responsibility to conduct himself in a fashion worthy of the public square by bullying and lying, and then, when he is called out on it, instead of taking the debate and discussing it, he retreats just like all cowards do when the truth is not on their side.

Frankly, Jones was very gracious in his offer to Hogg, but then when Hogg pulled this stunt, Jones called him out for what he was really engaged in, Hoggwash.

“David Hogg challenged me to a debate by bullying and viciously attacking me. After I politely accepted, he backed out when his real goal of baiting me failed. Only fears investigation,” Jones tweeted.

Think what you will of Alex Jones, but there is one thing that he is strong on and that is the Second Amendment.  He’s also broken stories the mainstream media wouldn’t even turn their eyes toward, but clearly he frightens Hogg, CNN, YouTube, Facebook, and other social media and media platforms (including Free Republic).

Article posted with permission from Freedom Outpost

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