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How the Neo-Nazi Left Brainwashes its Recruits to Kill: “We’ll see you at your house. We’ll murder you.”

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“We’ll see you at your house. We’ll murder you,” Riddhi Patel, the co-founder of the local chapter of the Sunrise Movement, told members of the Bakersfield City Council.

The Sunrise Movement, a radical environmentalist group founded by a former Occupy Wall Street activist and funded by the Ford Foundation, had become notorious for its ugly tactics, recruiting young people and children to harass and even threaten elected officials.

Dressed in stark black shirts with yellow letters, sometimes decorated with skulls, the angry teens of the Sunrise Movement had reminded some people of the Chinese Communist Red Guard and the Nazi stormtroopers, which only increased with Sunrise’s support for a second genocide of the Jews.

While the Sunrise Movement had supposedly been created to force a Green New Deal, it had an obsession with the Jews that broke out when it demanded that Jewish groups be banned from a leftist event “because they “are all in alignment with and in support of Zionism”.

The Green New Deal went nowhere, but the Sunrise Movement, which then featured Abdulrahman Mohamed El-Sayed on the board of directors (Mohamed had since become the Wayne County HHS director while continuing to rail against Israel on Twitter) became focused more on Israel than on its supposed concerns for saving the planet from human beings.

By the time Riddhi Patel showed up to the Bakersfield City Council meeting which was debating a resolution over whether to call on Israel to stop trying to defeat Hamas and rescue the hostages, the Sunrise Movement chapter she had co-founded appeared to be defunct, but she was working at another Ford Foundation front group, the Center on Race, Poverty and the Environment (CRPE), and was following the usual career track for Neo-Nazi leftists.

Patel had started out with the Bernie Sanders campaign, worked on the national chapter of a radical movement before joining a localized community group for a paycheck while protesting as part of the United Liberation Front, an “anti-capitalist” and “anti-Zionist direct action movement” out of Bakersfield, California, with the goal of destroying Israel.

If the United Liberation Front isn’t officially an Islamic terrorist group, it echoes their kind of language, referring to Islamic terrorists as “martyrs”, Israeli soldiers as “Zionist forces” and makes a point of blurring the faces of its members in photos.

The Bakersfield City Council meeting showed why.

Riddhi Patel put her training in the Sunrise Movement to good use, launching into an unhinged rant that had become common enough in city council meetings across cities in California. Previous debates over ‘ceasefire’ resolutions demanding that Israel stop fighting Hamas in cities from Long Beach to Sacramento had featured support for genocidal terrorism and antisemitism, but Patel became internationally famous for going too far by being far too specific.

“You guys are all horrible human beings, and Jesus probably would’ve killed you himself,” Patel suggested. “I hope one day somebody brings the guillotine and kills all of you motherf___ers” and threw in, “we’ll see you at your house. We’ll murder you.”

In some more progressive cities, legislators would have stayed quiet. And if Patel hadn’t been so explicit in her violent threats, she would have gotten a pass. Instead, she was arrested, charged with multiple counts of threatening public officials and then released on bail.

Both the Center on Race, Poverty and the Environment and the United Liberation Front disavowed her. At least officially. The Sunrise Movement made no comment about her actions.

But after her arrest, Patel turned out to have had a history of ugly political confrontations. And while the organizations she was with may have disavowed her, her history reflects the kind of activism that she was taught by the entire Neo-Nazi leftist activist movement from Occupy Wall Street to the Sunrise Movement which emphasized political confrontation and terroristic intimidation.

Riddhi Patel was at the end of a pipeline designed to train leftist foot soldiers determined to overthrow America and destroy Israel. The confrontations, whether it was Patel calling for murder, or the pro-Hamas activists shutting down bridges and roads, or assailing synagogues and scrawling swastikas, were not meant to convince, but to radicalize the activists.

Although the Neo-Nazi Left loves to hide behind the legacy of MLK and the Civil Rights movement, its business is not persuasion, it’s revolution. Its ideal activists, like Patel, started out with a political wing of the far Left, like the Bernie Sanders campaign, before transitioning into more openly radical organizations combining day jobs as community organizers with real roles as domestic terrorists. The ugliness and the violence are there to alienate, to get the activists to hate everyone and to confuse violent emotional tantrums with meaningful political change.

The only extraordinary thing about Patel was that she got caught making the political violence that the Neo-Nazi Left thrives on personal. Had she called for the destruction of America or Israel, she would have been fine, and had she spoken in general terms of a leftist uprising that would wipe out the capitalists, that too would have gotten a pass, but she threatened individuals, in unmistakable language and on video, and, like Lee Harvey Oswald or Jim Jones stopped being a revolutionary hero and became an embarrassment to be quickly covered up.

No organization wants to claim Riddhi Patel anymore, but she is the real face of the Neo-Nazi Left. Behind the viral videos of angry young people is a system that trains them to act this way.

Stories have documented how the sausage is made with activists practicing shouting, “Three Word Chant”, a phrase that can be replaced with any message from “Black Lives Matter” to “Trans Rights Now” to “Free, Free Palestine”, and shown how to pose for the camera.

Nothing about this is natural.

The Sunrise Movement targeted children as young as thirteen to join its cause. Marching in regimented groups wearing black and yellow, they feel the same sense of righteous power as the Hitler Youth or the Communist Red Guards, together with the desire to vent their rage freely on anyone who stands in their way. Indoctrinated to believe that the human race is on the verge of extinction because of capitalist greed and corrupt politicians, they are willing to do anything to save the world. And that is where “we’ll murder you” really came from.

The Neo-Nazi Left is ugly, hateful, violent and bent on recruiting children to wage war on us.

Article posted with permission from Daniel Greenfield

The Washington Standard

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