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Hungary’s PM on EU Migrant Mandates: “We are Preparing for a Conflict” [videos]

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Hungary vows to fight the European Union’s (EU) migrant quota policy, which forces countries to take “refugees” that have inundated Greece and Italy. In response, the EU threatened Hungary that if it rejects its migrant policy, it will fine Hungary £211,000 for every asylum seeker it refuses to accept. (That’s $280, 657 per person.)

October 2 Hungarians will vote on the EU’s forced migration policy, the U.K. Express reports. It points to data compiled by Hungarian news site that estimates voter turnout for the referendum easily surpass the 50 percent needed to validate Hungarian law.

One recent survey reveals that two-thirds of Hungarians affirm that they are “scared” or “very scared” about the impact of Muslim migrants on their communities.

To date, Hungary has registered more than 19,000 asylum applications in 2016 alone. But it estimates that more than 14,000 migrants have illegally crossed its southern borders.

According to the U.K. Express, Hungary is prepared to go to war with the European Union on forced migrant quotas, its Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, threatened. He says,

“We don’t want to change the character of our country.

“We want to remain Hungarian, to keep our religious and ethnic composition. That view isn’t popular in Europe nowadays, at least among politicians.

“They want to force rules on member states that are in conflict with their interests, including Hungary’s. We are preparing for a conflict.”

He also warned that increasing numbers of migrants trying to reach Europe illegally through the Balkans will continue. He added, “The very moment when it became impossible to cross into Europe by sea, the Balkan route swelled up again, and we have no reason to believe the same won’t happen this year.”

In the meantime, Hungary, Macedonia, and Bulgaria have agreed to share resources to secure their borders. Hungarian police officers will help patrol Serbia’s border and Macedonian help will extend to the Bulgarian border.

Article reposted with permission from Constitution.com

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